Overwatch 2: Best counters for each Tank Hero

Stephanie Zucarelli
Overwatch 2 ReinhardtBlizzard

In Overwatch 2, while a good strategy for each map and game mode is a must, most important of all is picking the right Heroes that can counter the enemy team’s abilities. So here are the best counters for every Tank Hero in Overwatch 2 Season 8.

Overwatch 2 Season 8 has introduced some key balance changes for Tank Heroes, which are important to know about when picking the best option to win a match. However, Blizzard’s FPS has a wide variety of Tank characters, so players should be aware of which characters work better against their enemy’s roster.

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Naturally, each Tank Hero in Overwatch 2 needs to cover the whole team while trying to stay alive in order to absorb damage. Tank mains know that they have to be the first defense shield of their team and are responsible for setting the pace of the game while engaging with the enemy.

Knowing your character’s synergies and counters is one of the best strategies to pick your Hero in Overwatch 2, so here’s a list of all counters for each Tank Hero to keep in mind.

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Overwatch 2: All counters for each Tank Hero

Overwatch 2 Season 8 has 12 Tank Heroes to choose from, all of them with very distinct abilities. Here’s a list of all counters for each character you should keep in mind while playing PvP mode:

D.VaTank: Doomfist, Roadhog, Sigma, Winston, Zarya
DPS: Reaper, Symmetra
Support: Brigitte, Moira
DoomfistTank: Roadhog
DPS: Ashe, Cassidy, Mei, Pharah
Support: Ana, Brigitte
Junker QueenDPS: Ashe, Cassidy, Soldier 76, Widowmaker, Pharah
Support: Ana, Baptiste, Zenyatta
MaugaSupport: Ana,
DPS: Bastion, Genji
Tank: D.Va, Kiriko, Sigma
OrisaTank: D.Va
DPS: Ashe, Echo, Hanzo, Pharah, Reaper, Sojourn, Sombra, Soldier 76, Widowmaker
Support: Ana, Baptiste, Kiriko, Zenyatta, Lifeweaver
RamattraTank: Roadhog, Orisa
DPS: Bastion, Symmetra, Tracer
Support: Ana, Kiriko, Zenyatta
ReinhardtDPS: Junkrat, Mei, Pharah, Reaper, Sombra, Tracer
Support: Ana, Brigitte, Illari
RoadhogDPS: Genji, Echo, Junkrat, Pharah, Reaper, Sombra, Tracer, Widowmaker
Support: Ana
SigmaTank: Zarya
DPS: Genji, Sombra, Symmetra, Tracer
Support: Lúcio, Moira
WinstonTank: Roadhog
DPS: Mei
Support: Ana, Brigitte
Wrecking BallTank: Roadhog
DPS: Mei, Torbjorn
Support: Ana, Brigitte
ZaryaDPS: Ashe, Bastion, D.Va, Echo, Pharah, Widowmaker

Overwatch 2: Counters for each Tank Hero explained

Knowing which character counters a Tank Hero in Overwatch 2 isn’t as easy as just picking it at the beginning of the match. As a Tank player, you’ll need to be aware of your abilities to get the best of them when you’re playing. If you’re trying to counter a Tank Hero, then you should know what type of reactions to expect from them in order to put them in a pinch.

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Here’s a list of how each Tank character works in Overwatch 2 and what to focus on when picking their counters.

Overwatch 2 RamattraBlizzard
Ramattra is a good Tank Hero but very reliant on the help of their Support teammates.


D.Va is an offensive Tank in Overwatch 2 who is also great when creating synergy with teammates. Her Defense Matrix allows mitigating damage, even when moving around with her Boosters. She can take tons of damage and her ultimate can help save an entire match when used properly.

However, Heroes that can disable D.Va’s Defense Matrix will render her defenseless, and some counters can even take advantage of her slow pace when her Boosters are in cooldown. For example, Sombra can hack her abilities away and make her an easy target, or Roadhog can use her Chain hook with little chances for her to fly away.

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Doomfist has received some key buffs of his abilities in Season 8, but he’s still a tricky Tank Hero to use. While being a heavy-dive character, he needs to secure eliminations to protect his team and needs to have a good sense of strategy to not let his allies be completely vulnerable.

Doomfist needs to be in the center of the action, landing his blows with high accuracy. However, since he depends on horizontal movement, characters that can get quickly out of his reach won’t give him a break.

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Junker Queen

Junker Queen in Overwatch 2 is meant to be an offensive fighter who can resist for the long haul. Her primary abilities are all close-range, and her Adrenaline rush passive gives her healing to keep up with any fight. The best way of using Junker Queen as a Tank is to know how her combos work out together.

However, any character that can stop her combos or negate her Adrenaline Rush will disable Junker Queen’s roll. Since this character hasn’t got a shield of her own, abilities such as Ana’s Biotic Grenade can completely negate the much-needed healing she gets from her passive.

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Introduced in Season 8, Mauga is one of the best Heroes to choose in close-range combat and wields two chainguns which can be fired both individually or together. This can make him one of the most difficult targets for support characters. But Tank and DPS Heroes such as D.VA, Genji, Bastion, Kiriko, Sigma, and even Ana can counter him with D.Va and Sigma being the most effective.

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Orisa’s javelin throw and javelin spin abilities are crucial for her Overwatch 2 version. Since her abilities focus on deflecting projectiles or shielding herself against damage, she’s usually a difficult target for DPS characters. But her slow projectiles make her vulnerable to fast-paced Heroes, so characters such as Junkrat, Pharah, D.Va, and even Zarya can profit from her low mobility.

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Overwatch 2 D.vaBlizzard
While D.Va is a great Tank Hero, she has to keep away from characters that can disable her abilities.


Ramattra is excellent at pressuring enemy teams in his nemesis form but has also varied abilities that can adapt to most situations. Since he’s able to shield his teammates and strike enemies from a distance, Ramattra is ideal for providing protection against long-ranged DPS.

But Ramattra struggles with survivability and is reliant on healers to keep him stable. Any high-damage character can check him, or even those who can deal powerful strikes while relaying on Ramattra’s sluggish movement.

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Reinhardt is a classic Tank Hero whose main ability is still his huge and steady shield. With the latest balance changes on Overwatch 2, he can also provide lots of damage through his melee Swings, Charge, and Fire Strike, although this has to be used strategically so as not to leave his teammates out in the open.

Reinhardt’s main counters are those who can use their attack speed against him, such as Pharah and Junkrat, who are usually out of reach from Reinhardt players. This is also true for Reaper since he can easily teleport behind Reinhardt without being seen and deal a fatal blow.

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Many players think Roadhog is in dire need of a rework as his abilities have been nerfed to the ground, making him extremely vulnerable. He can still absorb massive amounts of damage, so squishy Heroes aren’t recommended to go to a one-on-one duel with him.


Sigma’s Experimental Barrier is able to protect his team whenever it’s placed correctly, and it’s most helpful when trying to stop long-range Heroes and snipers. He also does well when fighting in close quarters, since his Accretion ability can knock down even the strongest Heroes.

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The key to countering Sigma is to try isolating him from his teammates and keeping track of his cooldowns. A good and strong dive can also leave him vulnerable.

Overwatch 2 ZaryaBlizzard
Zarya lacks mobility but works great for absorbing great deals of damage.


Winston is the classic dive Tank Hero, which can be crucial when deploying his Barrier Protector shield. He’s great at countering squishy DPS Heroes and taking damage, and you don’t want to get in his way when ulting.

But this means that any Hero who can deal damage from a distance will put Winston in a pinch. Counters such as Ana, Junkrat, and Moira are excellent at stopping his close-range abilities and even leave him exposed if he gets too far from his teammates.

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Wrecking Ball

Overwatch 2 new meta has left Wrecking Ball with an impractical since the success rate of its abilities depends on the map it’s playing. Even though it’s great for defending or contesting objectives, Wrecking Ball really struggles with every Hero that can inhibit its movement or take advantage of its massive hitbox.


What Zarya lacks in mobility, she makes up in absorbing damage. Players that prefer Zarya must be really aware of her teammates to make the most of her Projected Barrier and even her Graviton Surge ult. However, since she lacks mobility, any Hero who can fly or depends on speed can target her easily without risking much.

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