MW3 devs confirm fan-favorite variant returning to abandoned mode

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 operator aiming pistol in warzone

Modern Warfare 3 players are ecstatic as the devs have confirmed the return of a fan-favorite game mode variant.

MW3 is host to a variety of game modes, including classic hits like TDM, Domination, and Search and Destroy, as well as more modern favorites like Cranked and Gunfight.

Speaking of the latter, Gunfight quickly became a popular mode after its introduction in Modern Warfare 2019 and has returned in Call of Duty games since.

The mode sees two teams of two facing off against each other on smaller maps with the same loadout. The loadouts tend to be fairly basic, however, there’s a variant of the Gunfight mode that players are desperate to see in MW3, in which they are given Weapon Blueprints.

In fact, the devs seemed to have confirmed its return, as the devs replied to a player’s request for more variety in the 2v2 mode on Reddit.

Sledgehammer Games wrote, “Blueprint Gunfight, you say?” This led to excitement among the community, as players wonder if their “prayers” have been answered.

Blueprint Gunfight is a more exciting version of the original 2v2 mode as it allows players to use Weapon Blueprints they haven’t purchased or used before. It creates a sense of anticipation, as you never know what Blueprint you’re going to get next.

“Blueprint gunfight is so much better. I don’t want to use s****y guns in gunfight,” said one player, while another commented, “Great if they add it.”

The developers only gave a small hint that Blueprint Gunfight is coming to Modern Warfare 3, but there are no details regarding when it will arrive.

Season 4 Reloaded is due on June 26, but as it wasn’t mentioned in the roadmap, there’s a chance players will have to wait until Season 5 for the Gunfight variant.

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