Overwatch 2 players beg devs to “size down” Flashpoint maps

Stephanie Zucarelli
Overwatch 2 Flashpoint New Map

Overwatch 2 fans are still trying out everything Season 9 has introduced, but they’ve decided that Flashpoint mode needs a new overhaul as well.

Overwatch 2 Season 9 has introduced a major overhaul in terms of gameplay, where Blizzard not only tweaked the entire HP pool, but also added an entire rework of projectile sizes. While players get a feel of these changes, most of them have their minds set on loathing the Flashpoint game mode.

Originally introduced in Season 6, Flashpoint challenges players to fight for key positions across the map. The winner must capture three flashpoints to win while defending every control point. But as players got to test it out, they admit to quickly growing tired of this mechanic.

In a Reddit post called “Flashpoints make me not want to play Overwatch,” user ‘Ayodecaf’ described that the game mode lost its fun as it takes too long to get into a match. “Don’t get me started on how fast the point caps, so it feels like you die once and you are already on the next point,” they added.

Fans gathered in this thread to express their disappointment with Flashpoint, and pointed out that an important issue with this mode is that its map size makes it very disorienting. Some even asked devs could fix this mode by reducing maps and accused them of reusing assets from PvE.

“The only issue with flashpoint is its size, it sucks to walk so much. If they reduce the size by like 25%, it would be good,” suggested user ‘bcmugg.’

However, some Overwatch 2 players didn’t agree with this perspective and said that this game mode works perfectly with higher-tier players. “I currently hover around high Masters/low GM and I personally find that Flashpoint maps have extremely dynamic engagements, especially compared to maps like Circuit Royale or Havana where it’s essentially the same set of fights over and over,” commented user ‘chonkykerfuffle.’

This user explained that Flashpoint provided great opportunities to practice strategy and team coordination, which might be an issue for lower ranks. While this game mode might not be among the favorites, it still seems a good idea for those who have been paired with cooperative teams.

And that’s everything on why Overwatch 2 players are begging devs to “size down” Flashpoint maps. If you want to know more about Blizzard’s FPS, you can check out everything you need to know about the Cosmic Crisis event and why devs have advised players to hold onto Competitive points.

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