Overwatch 2: Best counters for each DPS hero

Nikhil Bahuguna
Genji, Tracer, Cassidy in Overwatch 2

Unlike most FPS titles, Overwatch 2 requires a good strategy, and hero picks based on the maps. Here are the best counters you can pick to counter every DPS hero in Overwatch 2 Season 6.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 has brought a plethora of balance changes for heroes. On top of this, the latest seasonal update also brought a new Flashpoint game mode, Invasion PvE missions, and a new player progression system to the game.

While Overwatch 2 offers several DPS characters, it is important to know which heroes work well against enemy picks. With that said, here’s a list of all counters for each DPS hero in Overwatch 2 Season 6.

Overwatch 2: All counters for each DPS hero

Overwatch 2 Season 6 offers 17 DPS heroes to pick from, with each hero having unique abilities. Here’s a list of all counters for each DPS hero you should keep in mind while playing PvP mode:

AsheTank: D. Va
DPS: Widowmaker, Genji
Support: Ana
BastionTank: Doomfist, Sigma
DPS: Genji, Tracer
Support: Baptiste, Lucio
CassidyTank: Reinhardt, Winston
DPS: Ashe
Support: Moira
EchoTank: D. Va, Zarya
DPS: Soldier 76, Cassidy
Support: Baptiste
GenjiTank: Winston
DPS: Torbjorn, Mei
Support: Lucio, Moira, Zenyatta
HanzoTank: Doomfist
DPS: Genji, Tracer, Pharah
Support: Kiriko, Lucio
JunkratTank: Zarya
DPS: Pharah, Tracer
Support: Baptiste, Lucio
MeiTank: Orisa
DPS: Bastion, Pharah
Support: Kiriko
PharahTank: D. Va, Zarya
DPS: Ashe, Soldier 76, Cassidy, Widowmaker
Support: Ana, Illari, Baptiste
ReaperTank: Sigma
DPS: Hanzo, Pharah
Support: Lucio
SojournTank: Doomfist
DPS: Tracer, Genji
Support: Lucio
Soldier 76Tank: Reinhardt
DPS: Widowmaker, Genji, Ashe
Support: Zenyatta
SombraTank: D. Va, Winston
DPS: Torbjorn, Mei
Support: Brigitte
SymmetraTank: Wrecking Ball
DPS: Junkrat
Support: Moira
TorbjornTank: Sigma
DPS: Pharah
Support: Zenyatta
TracerTank: Roadhog, Zarya
DPS: Ashe, Mei
Support: Brigitte
WidowmakerTank: Winston, D. Va
DPS: Genji
Support: Mercy, Zenyatta
Sombra in Overwatch 2
Sombra can be hard to detect in Overwatch 2 due to her Stealth (invisible) ability.

Overwatch 2: Counters for each DPS hero explained

Picking a counter to a DPS hero will not ensure that you simply outclass your opponent. Whether you are playing the above DPS heroes or trying to counter them, you need to be aware of their abilities.

Here’s how you can play against each DPS hero in Overwatch 2 while focusing on hero picks that counter them as well.


Ashe has a longer range than most hitscan characters in Overwatch 2. Additionally, she also has a strong AOE burst ability in the form of her Dynamite and a decent playmaking or stalling ability in the form of her ultimate. So, players need to avoid standing in open spaces, stay clear of the angles she can be holding, and get closer to her to shoot her down.

When it comes to Tanks, D. Va can contest Ashe with ease by flying close to her and also eating her Dynamite ability with the Defense Matrix. For DPS counters, Widowmaker has a longer range and Genji can easily close in the distance between him and Ashe.

Finally, for Supports, Ana counters her burst damage with strong individual healing and can use the sleep dart on Ashe’s ultimate — Bob.


Bastion is relatively easy to counter in Overwatch 2, as players can avoid fighting him while in his turret form. For Tanks, Sigma can deny a majority of the damage from Bastion’s turret form using Kinetic Grasp and his shield, whereas Doomfist‘s mobility will make it hard to get hit while you try to connect your pellets.

Further, Genji can dash right into Bastion and dodge or deflect most of his damage, and Tracer‘s mobility along with Recall allows her to deal quick bursts of damage. Both Baptiste and Lucio are ideal to survive and heal the damage dealt by an enemy Bastion with their strong AOE healing.


Despite the recent nerfs, Cassidy is a strong pick, especially in the hands of players with good hitscan aim. While countering him, it is important to keep an eye on the flanks to avoid the Magnetic Grenade.

Reinhardt and Winston are strong picks against Cassidy to put pressure on him and give your teammates a shield. For DPS, Ashe not only has a better range than Cassidy but with her Dynamite, she’s able to put more pressure on the enemy Tanks.

When it comes to Supports, Moira is the obvious pick as she can Fade away from a flanking Cassidy, while her damage orb can deal significant damage to him as well.

Cassidy in Overwatch 2
Cassidy’s hitscan DPS can allow players to deal consistent damage to the enemies.


Make sure to be in positions to avoid the spam damage when playing against an Echo in Overwatch 2. Additionally, she can also fly up aggressively, so it’s best to play near cover or around a shield.

While D. Va is an easy pick to counter and charge onto an Echo with Defense Matrix, Zarya is a great pick against her as Zarya’s shield bubbles absorb the sticky bombs and both the heroes have a similar beam range.

Both Cassidy and Soldier 76 provide good and consistent poke damage, stopping the enemy Echo from advancing on low HP targets. For Support pick, Baptiste is the best pick as it can provide the poke damage much like a hitscan DPS as well as quickly heal low HP targets with his Regenerative Burst.


Genji thrives on poking and dashing on supports or low HP targets. It is essential to force Genji to use their abilities and maintain distance to avoid giving him the dash kill potential.

For Tanks, Winston deals unblockable damage and his Primal Rage can knock around a Genji in his ultimate form with ease. Mei is an ideal and easy counter pick as her left click slows Genji’s mobility, while Torbjorn‘s turret can keep an eye on flanks and his Overload makes him tanky.

Finally, Genji relies on dealing poke damage before dashing in to finish a hero. So, Lucio and Moira are an ideal pick for healing. Additionally, Zenyatta’s abilities and ultimate, Transcendence, is one of the best counters to Genji’s ultimate.


Against Hanzo, you need to be aware of the long-range arrow spam as well as the close-range burst of damage with his Storm Arrows. With Doomfist, you get an exceptional range of mobility, allowing you to catch an enemy Hanzo off-guard and potentially kill him.

A lot of DPS heroes are good counters to Hanzo in Overwatch 2. While Genji and Tracer can both surprise Hanzo at close ranges and escape if required, Pharah can spam rockets at Hanzo from above. For Support, Kiriko and Lucio provide good mobility to heal and aggress with your team.


Playing against a Junkrat requires you to avoid his spam damage, by being in open spaces and avoiding choke points. For Tanks, Zarya is the perfect pick as the incoming spam damage provides an easy charge and the shield bubbles can counter Junkrat’s ultimate RIP-Tire effectively.

For DPS, Tracer can flank and deal burst damage while having her Recall up and Pharah can deal spam damage, much like a Junkrat, but from above. Both Baptiste and Lucio are good picks due to their AOE heals.

Mei using her left-click in Overwatch 2
Mei is one of the best DPS picks against Genji in Overwatch 2.


Mei slowly deals a lot of damage with her slowing left click beam, so it’s best to avoid long fights against her in close range. Orisa is an ideal Tank pick as she can survive using her defensive abilities, and you can deny Mei’s ultimate Blizzard using her Javelin Spin.

When it comes to DPS picks, Bastion can push back an aggressing Mei with ease and also break her wall in the process, whereas Pharah can provide consistent spam damage from above. Finally, Kiriko‘s mobility allows her to play around the wall easily and her Protection Suzu clears off the negative effects on teammates, like the Mei’s slow.


Pharah is at her best when enemies stand in open positions and are not aware of a flanking Pharah with a charged ultimate. For Tanks, there’s no better counter than D. Va as she can keep up with Pharah in the air and eat up her rockets or the ultimate using Defense Matrix.

Most hitscan DPS like Ashe, Soldier 76, Cassidy, and Widowmaker are good against a flying Pharah. However, Ashe and Widowmaker are exceptional against a Pharah with a pocket Mercy. Just like the DPS, hitscan Supports like Ana, Illari, and Baptiste are great counters.


While Reaper dishes out a lot of damage in Overwatch 2, he needs to be close to do so. You can deal poke damage to keep him at bay and be aware of any teleport or flank plays.

Sigma can counter Reaper’s damage with his shields and range damage, along with the ability to stun him using Accretion during his teleport or even his ultimate form. Since Reaper’s damage relies heavily on being close to enemy heroes, both Pharah and Hanzo are good against him.

Finally, Lucio‘s speed helps your team maintain distance from the enemy, and his right-click boops are ideal to push back an advancing Reaper.


Sojourn deals a lot of damage whenever her Railgun is charged. So, you can all in on her whenever she shoots her Railgun or uses her Power Slide.

For Tanks, Doomfist is a strong pick as his mobility options allow him to chase Sojourn even after she uses her slide while blocking her Railgun damage can provide an easy charge for the punch. Additionally, Tracer and Genji can also chase a Sojourn with ease, limiting her escape potential.

For Support, Lucio can use his speed boost to provide additional mobility to the team, making it hard for Sojourn to land her charged Railgun.

Soldier 76

Soldier 76 is a simple DPS character in Overwatch 2, having hitscan left-click and a right-click projectile grenade. You should avoid playing in open sightlines with no cover and be aware of his ultimate, which essentially grants him an aimbot for a few seconds.

Reinhardt is the best Tank counter to Soldier 76, thanks to his shield and DPS characters like Ashe, Genji, and Widowmaker can outclass him with ease. On the other hand, Zenyatta can provide healing orbs to teammates while being hidden from the enemy Soldier 76 and use Transcendence to counter his Tactical Visor Ultimate.

Soldier 76 in Overwatch 2
Soldier 76 is one of the easier hero picks to get started in Overwatch 2.


Sombra can be hard to detect due to her Stealth ability making her invisible and boosting her movement speed by 60%. Backline or Support picks are her usual target, so it’s best to play around your tanks when there’s an enemy Sombra.

When it comes to Tanks, D. Va is one of the best picks as she can spam her unlimited left click to force Sombra out of her Stealth. For DPS, both Torbjorn and Mei can survive an enemy Sombra despite being hacked, long enough to get their abilities back and deal back damage in the process.

Brigitte is an easy and safe pick against a Sombra. You can help your hacked teammates by throwing Repair Packs at them and counter the Sombra damage using her shield.


Against Symmetra, make sure you’re aware of her teleport playmaking ability and avoid being close to her for too long. Wrecking Ball can displace Symmetra, stopping her from dealing damage at close ranges.

For DPS, Junkrat‘s spam can clear out Symmetra’s turrets and deal a lot of damage from the backline. Further, Moira can provide a consistently good amount of healing against a charged-up Symmetra.


While Torbjorn is not the most popular DPS pick in Overwatch 2, it is essential to counter his abilities. Sigma‘s ability kit allows him to deal with pressure while providing a shield for him or his teammates.

Moving to the DPS counter, Pharah is the perfect pick to destroy the turret from a safe distance, along with spamming rockets at the enemy team. For the Support pick, Zenyatta‘s orb when placed on the Torbjorn will help your team to quickly eliminate him.


Tracer is one of the strongest DPS characters in Overwatch 2 and it can be hard to counter a good Tracer. However, Tank picks like Roadhog and Zarya can prove to be good against this hero. While Zarya can use her shield bubbles to protect her teammates, Roadhog can potentially hook and one-shot Tracer.

For DPS counters, both Ashe and Mei can deal damage both at close and long ranges. Finally, to counter a Tracer, Brigitte is an ideal Support pick as she can not only quickly heal her teammates but also survive against her alone.


Widowmaker solely relies on having open sightlines and high ground. It is best to stay in cover and be aware of the enemy Widowmaker’s position to avoid being on her scope.

Tanks like Winston and D. Va have the ability to jump and challenge a Widowmaker in any position and completely nullify her damage potential. On the other hand, Genji can use his wall climbing and mobility kit to close the gap between them. With some practice, you can even use Genji’s deflect to kill Widowmaker.

For Support, both Mercy and Zenyatta can provide healing while being in cover.

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