Best Minecraft 1.19 seeds in 2023

Aakrit Sharma
Best Minecraft seed

With Minecraft seeds, you can start your journey in places with the best resources and accessibility. From Lush Caves and Woodland Mansion to a Jungle Island with a river, these are the best Minecraft 1.19 seeds in 2023.

When you start a Minecraft world, the game puts you in a random location. From this point onwards, you’re expected to collect resources and make armor, a bed, tools, and a safe house.

Some locations in Minecraft are naturally better for mining ores while others provide an abundant supply of wood and animals. Based on your goal, every location/biome will suit you differently and this is where seeds can be game-changing.

A Minecraft seed is basically a string of numbers that dictate your exact spawn location, and here are the best seeds to try out in 2023.

Best Minecraft seeds to begin your journey

Lush Caves and Woodland Mansion: -1541124385142397106

Woodland mansion in Minecraft

If you don’t mind some neighbors, this Minecraft seed can help you get a ton of resources instantly. The valley has a mob spawner that you can use to farm XP. The mountains surround the village and most importantly, there’s a Woodland Mansion nearby.

Elements of the Lush Caves grow inside the mansion and you’ll find vines hanging from the ceiling. The location itself is aesthetically pleasing and if you use texture packs, waking up here in-game can be a treat.

Credit: u/minecraftisgood12345

Village with 24 buildings: -1473183360545231182 

Minecraft village with 24 buildings

This Minecraft seed will spawn you on mountains that have several Lush Caves. Below, you’ll find a massive village with 24 buildings and two blacksmiths. The village itself is brilliant for resources and trading, on top of that, you’ll find a Stronghold near it.

This seed is perfect for players who want to explore new biomes without the hassle and want to reach the Ender Dragon without too many challenges.

Credit: u/misterchiveous

Survival Island: -2867948536818844204

Minecraft seed for an isolated woodland mansion

If you’re looking for a tough Minecraft challenge, this seed is worth a try. You spawn on a woodland mansion on an isolated island and there’s literally nothing else nearby. From accumulating resources to fighting mobs, every challenge will feel significantly harder in such a setting.

Veterans who are looking for something thrilling after defeating the Ender Dragon can begin a new and more exciting adventure with this seed.

Credit: u/ElegantComplaint7795

Pillager outpost inside a Mansion: 167826389359076639

Woodland Mansion in a snowy Minecraft biome

After using this Minecraft seed, you’ll be welcomed by a Pillager Outpost inside a Woodland Mansion surrounded by frozen peaks. A Lush Cave is located right beside the mansion and underneath it, you’ll find an Ancient City.

With so many major landmarks in such close proximity, this seed is a must-try for every Minecraft player who likes icy biomes.

Credit: u/ElegantComplaint7795

Overgrown Mansion: 2374522903531219544

Overgrown Woodland Mansion's Minecraft seed

This Minecraft seed features a Woodland Mansion that contains a village inside it and yes, it is as interesting as it sounds. On the second floor of the mansion, you’ll also find a villager house.

This world can get slightly chaotic but you’ll be able to witness one of the coolest discoveries in the game.

Credit: u/crackedMagnet

Jungle Island with a river: 7850875

Above-water jungle biome in Minecraft

This Minecraft seed is great if you love tropical regions. You’ll find a jungle that has plenty of woods and lush caves. The latter can help you gather valuable resources. There’s also a jungle temple on one of the edges of the mountaintop.

A Wooded Badlands biome, one of the rarest in the game, is located right next to this jungle island. Oak trees and terracotta blocks can be abundantly found there.

Credit: u/ExOMaXX

Diamonds: -7723232821704547830

Minecraft seed to quickly get diamonds

Mining ores is one the most important tasks in any Minecraft world, and this is a seed that lets you spawn near the opening of an enormous cave system. There’s a ravine that you can explore for diamonds and other valuable ores.

Making a diamond armor and a diamond pickaxe is highly recommended if you want to take down the toughest bosses like The Wither.

Village near frozen peak: 1835791246155633249

Village located near a frozen peak in Minecraft

You’ll spawn among frozen peaks and goats with this Minecraft seed. There’s a village nearby and luckily, it isn’t accompanied by a Pillager Outpost. Apart from these elements, you’ll be surrounded by a vast grassland.

If you’re looking for a seed that isn’t too challenging and is also peaceful, this might be the one. For the best experience, turn the Large Biomes setting on. This way, you’ll get way more resources than usual and an endless area to craft structures.

Credit: u/AwardCollect

Minecraft 1.20 seed: 2689156606574652174

Camels in Minecraft

Minecraft version 1.20 will arrive in 2023 with bamboo, camels, and several other exciting changes. Interestingly, there’s a seed that can help you prepare for these changes.

With an experimental features pack, you should be able to see and ride camels with this seed. Use the mob to explore the badland biome and reach the nearby desert biome easily.

Mooshroom Island: 859337968100847433

Mooshroom biome in Minecraft

The Mooshroom biome in Minecraft is one the rarest, and you can spawn there with this seed. Naturally, you’ll find a ton of Mooshroom cows in the region and an endless supply of red and brown mushrooms.

This Minecraft seed isn’t ideal for starting the game but if your plan is to explore new regions, we definitely recommend it. Do note that this seed works in version 1.18 of the game.

Every structure at spawn: -2268290183235354767

Minecraft seed with multiple biomes near spawn

If you don’t have a favorite biome in Minecraft and want to explore all of them, this seed is for you. Start your journey from a jungle biome and walk through a mushroom field and a desert to finally reach the badlands. You’ll also find a small frozen area in the water between the forest and the badlands.

You won’t struggle to get resources with this seed and progression will be smoother than ever. Start exploring any direction and you’ll end up at useful landmarks like temples and villages.

YouTuber Avomance showcased this seed on version 1.17 and we hope it hasn’t changed much with the recent updates.

These were some of the best Minecraft seeds that can be equally enjoyable for casuals and veterans. For more content on the sandbox title, check out how to tame parrots, how to make a name tag, and how to make a boat.

Image Credits: Mojang