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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Is Rebirth Island & Fortune’s Keep coming back to Warzone 1?

Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep will forever remain popular Resurgence maps in Warzone 1, so will they be returning to Warzone Caldera?



fortunes keep and rebirth island in cod warzone

Warzone Caldera is the new name for Warzone 1, and many fans of the OG title are wondering if Rebirth Island or Fortune’s Keep will be returning to Warzone 1.

After a short absence, Warzone 1, also known as Warzone Pacific at the time, went offline for maintenance to make way for the anticipated launch of Warzone 2.

Now that the Warzone 2 train is well and truly on its journey, Warzone Caldera is now online, and the renamed Warzone 1 offers players a chance to dive into Caldera’s battle royale.

On the flip side, Warzone Caldera has relaunched without either of its Resurgence maps – Rebirth Island or Fortune’s Keep. The maps that encourage respawning have both proven to be fan-favorite maps in the game’s past, but they have both been removed from Warzone Caldera.

Will Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep return to Warzone Caldera?

Although Activision and the Warzone devs have yet to confirm this, it appears as if Warzone Caldera will not be bringing back Rebirth Island or Fortune’s Keep.

It will purely be a home for those wanting to drop into Caldera, not either of the established Resurgence maps. This would make a lot of sense as Warzone 2 is the new kid on the block and the devs will want as many bodies populating the new battle royale game as possible.

It’s well documented that an individual Warzone title cannot sustain two full battle royale maps, hence why they need a separate game for Warzone Caldera.

Warzone 2’s future appears to be where it’s at as we already know of a leaked Resurgence map due to arrive in 2023, and the devs have even said that small map fans should “expect exciting developments in Warzone 2.0 during future seasons.”

So it seems quite possible that the devs are saving Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep for later seasons of Warzone 2, likely as a way of boosting player numbers and reigniting interest in the game. This is purely speculative though, so we’ll have to wait and see if happens.

That wraps up everything we know about Rebirth Island and Fortune Keep’s status in Warzone Caldera. For even more Warzone news and guides, we have plenty of other content to check out:

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Image Credit: Activision