How to use Hogwarts Legacy Arachnophobia Mode & turn off spider enemies

Hamza Khalid
Hogwarts Legacy Arachnophobia Mode

The latest Hogwarts Legacy update added a new feature known as Arachnophobia Mode, and this can be used to stop spider enemies from being a nuisance. Here’s how to use Arachnophobia Mode.

Hogwarts Legacy ended up being one of the biggest games of 2023 after its release in February, and the devs have been fixing bugs while introducing new quality-of-life features through regular updates.

With the PS4 and Xbox One version finally here, the developers dropped a new update on May 4 which has added the Arachnophobia Mode, and this ensures that you don’t have to worry about spider enemies.

What is Hogwarts Legacy Arachnophobia Mode?

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with spiders to battle, and Arachnophobia Mode changes their appearance to make them less scary. It also removes their screeching sounds along with the smaller spiders that can be found on the ground.

Turning on Arachnophobia Mode also makes spider corpses invisible but you can still collide with them. You can also still see images of the eight-legged creatures completely unchanged in the Hogwarts Legacy Field Guide.

Arachnophobia Mode makes Hogwarts Legacy’s spiders less terrifying.

How to use Arachnophobia Mode in Hogwarts Legacy

You can activate Arachnophobia Mode in Hogwarts Legacy in the Options Menu after updating your game with the latest patch.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download and update Hogwarts Legacy with the latest patch.
  2. Launch the game.
  3. Visit the Options Menu.
  4. Open Accessibility Options.
  5. Set Arachnophobia Mode to on.

Once this is done, the spider enemies in the game will have a less frightening appearance with roller skates on their legs, similar to the ones that the Boggart was seen wearing in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

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Image Credits: Avalanche Software / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment