Can you play Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch

In Hogwarts Legacy, players get to live and breathe as any witch or wizard but catching a Golden Snitch is certainly on the bucket list, so can you play Quidditch in the game?

Hogwarts Legacy is set to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One soon and fans are curious to know if Quidditch will appear in the game or not.

As players embark on their wizarding journey, they’ll hope to check off as many quintessential Hogwarts experiences as possible. One of these experiences is without a doubt swinging a Beater’s bat and playing a match of Quidditch for one of the four Hogwarts Houses.

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Here’s what you need to know about Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy.

Does Hogwarts Legacy have Quidditch?

Pick your brooms and fly higher than ever.

Unfortunately, Quidditch will not be a playable feature or event in Hogwarts Legacy. This is sure to come as a disappointment for those looking to put their Seeker skills to the test.

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Given players’ enthusiasm to potentially hit the Quidditch pitch, the devs felt the need to address the magical world’s most popular sport in an official Hogwarts Legacy FAQ:

“Quidditch is not playable in Hogwarts Legacy. However, broom flight for traversal and broom race challenges are part of the game. Players can also fly brooms to explore new and familiar locations surrounding Hogwarts Castle.”

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While Quidditch is not a playable part of Hogwarts Legacy, players can still enjoy the means of flying a broom and exploring the expansive open world of Hogwarts Legacy.

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Image Credits: Avalanche Software / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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