Halo Infinite is getting fan-favorite Halo 3 map soon

Hamza Khalid
Halo Infinite Spartan firing weapon

343 Industries have officially confirmed that one of the most popular multiplayer maps from Halo 3 will be making its way to Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite fans have a ton of fun content to look forward to throughout the remainder of 2022, with Season 3 and the Winter update bringing new weapons, equipment, and the Forge beta.

There are also plenty of other surprises coming, and 343 Industries have revealed that a fan-favorite Halo 3 map is set to arrive in Halo Infinite, just in time for the 2007 title’s 15-year anniversary.

On September 25, the official Halo Esports Twitter account confirmed that The Pit from Halo 3 will be included in Infinite and gave a first look at the map in a small video. While its release date is unconfirmed, there’s speculation that it will arrive shortly after the Winter update.

This remake of the classic map was done directly in Forge and has the same basic layout as the original. However, it now has a more futuristic look in Halo Infinite with purple lighting across different sections.

This redesign captures the spirit of the original map while giving players something new to experience. Classic maps were something that the community felt was missing from Halo Infinite, so this will be a welcome addition for fans.

The Pit’s layout made it into the perfect playground for players looking for fast-paced action. This multi-leveled map featured a variety of ramps and walkways that players could use to hide or battle their enemies.

It remains to be seen how the new version of this map will hold up compared to the original when it finally gets added to the game. We’ll be sure to update you once the developers reveal more information about it.

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Image credits: 343 Industries

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