MW3 players beg devs to show neglected fan-favorite mode some love

Aakash Regmi
MW3 players in Gunfight mode

MW3 players are unhappy as one fan-favorite mode continues to be ignored, with Season 3 doing nothing to change course.

MW3 Season 3 was praised by the community for the amount of content it added, but among the piles of new additions, there was no mention of Gunfight.

First introduced with MW 2019, Gunfight was a standout mode for many and it quickly became a darling. It hasn’t, however, made a good impression on MW3 fans with a lack of support. 

Reddit user ‘Masked555’ made the post on the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, pointing out that not only did Season 3 add nothing to Gunfight mode, but the available content got even lesser than before with Das Haus being removed from the map pool.

The OP said, “Can we please just add some MW19 or MWII maps? There are plenty of good maps which are easy to add. Why did they even remove Das Haus from rotation? It was pretty much the only 6v6 map added to Gunfight which plays sort of well in Gunfight. And can we finally get a loadout change after 3 months?”

Many echoed OP’s sentiment, as a user wrote, “Yes!! Bring back the tournament.” Another player said, “Yeah. They need to give Gunfight more attention. That tourney was so good.”

It has been one of the long-standing requests from MW3 players. Gunfight remains one of the most beloved additions to the series since MW 2019: “MW19 and CW gunfight maps were actually so good. Pretty much every single other gunfight map is extremely meh to bad.”

Some, meanwhile, believe the reason why the mode isn’t getting attention is that not many people play it: “Probably too small part of the player base plays it for them to care.” Regardless, fans still hope that upcoming updates and Seasons will bring the much-needed content to Gunfight mode in MW3.

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