MW3 players call for massive updates to fan-favorite mode

Max Candelarezi
MW3 players in Gunfight mode

MW3 offers a diverse array of game modes for players to select and enjoy. However, many have called for massive updates for a fan-favorite mode that they believe has been forgotten.

MW3 Season 2 is fully underway introducing plenty of content for the multiplayer fans to enjoy, including a fresh roster of weapons such as the RAM-9 SMG and BP50 Assault Rifle, brand-new 6v6 maps, Perks, and more.

However, long-standing multiplayer fans have noticed a lack of support for Gunfight, as they not only feel it has been “given up” but are also expressing the need for additional content and updates to improve the experience.

First introduced with MW 2019, Gunfight was the mode that attracted competitive multiplayer players to enjoy a more challenging experience, and this continues to be so today. In several Reddit posts, players voiced their requests, asking devs to add more content into this fan-favorite mode.

Among them, user ‘Masked555’ expressed, “Please add more new gunfight maps or good old ones,” and followed, “It is such a great gamemode, but it just doesn’t get enough content support. We are now playing 3 maps we already played for 11 months straight, and only one new gunfight specific map.”

Although the request isn’t entirely new, they consider that adding MW 2019 content could help the variety of the MW3 mode. “We had great maps back then, like King, Stack, Speedball, and Docks,” he added.

Additionally, the OP took this opportunity to request the return of another beloved feature of the mode, the Gunfight Tournaments, which they consider “was really the best of the best.”

In agreement with the OP, user ‘KombatKiller’ also shared a post titled “Bring back gunfight tournaments!” requesting the tournaments’ return. “Ugh, I miss this so much. I had so many hours on it” another player expressed.

It remains unknown whether SHG plans to update the Gunfight mode in MW3 with new or existing content. However, players are optimistic that such updates could potentially transform the mode, enhancing its experience.

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