GTA 6 leaker claims Rockstar will expand game with new cities & single-player DLC

GTA 6 story DLC

GTA 6 is seemingly still years away, but one leaker has allegedly revealed how the game will be supported post-launch with new areas and DLC.

Of all the games currently in development, very few have the hype surrounding them that GTA 6 does. Rockstar only confirmed that the follow-up to the hugely successful GTA 5 is being worked on recently, but rumors and leaks have been circulating for years.

Fans have been desperate for any slither of information regarding GTA 6, from where it will be set and story details to when it will finally release.

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Even though the game’s release is still likely some way off, a well-known GTA leaker has claimed that plans are already in place for post-launch content and single-player DLC.

On a GTAForums post, insider Tez2 stated that Rockstar will be reverting back to how they used to plan content before GTA Online exploded, meaning that solo expansions are back on the cards.

“When GTA V released, development on SP DLC already started prior to release,” Tez2 said, before explaining that this additional content, along with a port of Liberty City, was later scrapped.

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Los Santos with GTA 6 logo

GTA Online has received countless new updates over the years, whereas GTA V’s story mode hasn’t been given the same treatment. The insider believes that GTA 6 won’t suffer the same fate, and that ideas for DLC will be laid out ahead of time.

“The first wave of ‘new cities and missions’ we will receive as DLC will definitely be planned out before VI releases,” Tez2 continued.

When it comes to what the new areas will be, the leaker believes that GTA 6 will receive “instanced new cities,” such as North Yankton from GTA 5’s prologue or Cayo Perico from the GTA Online heist.

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“That way, Rockstar can introduce a new heist for the next GTA Online mode with each new DLC. If we are lucky, we could receive a fully-fledged new city from time to time.”

Of course, nothing is confirmed just yet so take this information with a pinch of salt until Rockstar layout their GTA 6 DLC plans closer to release.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games

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