GTA 5 easter egg might have revealed Grand Theft Auto 6 location all along

Hamza Khalid
Los Santos in GTA 5

There have been numerous rumors about where GTA 6 will be set, and Rockstar Games may have given players a clue about this location through a GTA 5 easter egg.

Grand Theft Auto fans have been patiently awaiting more details about GTA 6 ever since Rockstar Games confirmed that it’s in the works, and official information about the game has been scarce.

There have been rumors about the game being set in Vice City as well as mentions of the Caribbean Islands being available as a map. However, it turns out that Rockstar may have hidden a hint about the location in GTA 5.

Insider sources claim that GTA 6’s story will be about two bank robbers committing heists together in the style of Bonnie and Clyde, one of whom will be the franchise’s first female protagonist.

If you explored Los Santos when GTA 5 was first released, you could find a poster for a musical titled ‘Vice’ and it shows the silhouettes of two dancers, one of whom is female. The background also featured two police cars that were closing in on the duo.

Vice musical poster in GTA 5

Rockstar often include references to their other titles in games, so it’s possible that this poster was intentionally left in GTA 5 as an easter egg teasing what’s to come in the sixth installment of the series.

Rockstar insider Tez2 claims that Rockstar games were discussing ideas for the game as far back as 2012, just one year before GTA 5 hit the shelves. So, they would likely have time to throw in a quick nod to the main characters of GTA 6.

However, this is all based on leaks and speculation, so it’s entirely possible that Rockstar may not have planned for this poster to be an easter egg of any kind. We’ll just have to wait for details about GTA 6 to be officially revealed before we can be sure.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games / Reddit user: 32OZICEDCOFFEEWCREAM

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