Grand Theft Auto leaker claims GTA 6 announcement could arrive very soon

Hamza Khalid
Michael, Trevor, and Franklin in GTA 5

According to a notable Grand Theft Auto leaker, Rockstar Games might make an official GTA 6 announcement alongside an in-game GTA Online event.

Grand Theft Auto players have been keeping an eye out for any news about GTA 6 ever since Rockstar Games confirmed that it’s in development, and the devs have made it clear that it will set creative benchmarks.

Numerous leaks and reports have given us possible details about the map, characters, and runtime of the GTA 5 follow-up. Now, it’s being reported that might get another official announcement from Rockstar soon.

Prominent insider Tez2 claimed in a GTAForums thread that Rockstar Games are planning to add UFOs to GTA Online 16 days before Halloween, and a stealth UFO will pop up in the game on October 23.

He then explained that this is connected to an “interesting mystery hunt” in which GTA Trilogy players discovered a picture of an unknown house displayed within Lil’ Probe’Inn, a UFO-themed bar.

Tez2 comment about UFOs in GTA forum

The photo caught the interest of the Grand Theft Auto community because players couldn’t identify the house from any Rockstar title, and there was a UFO flying behind it. Tez claims that this might be relevant to GTA 6.

He added in another comment in the thread that there’s a “high chance” that Rockstar Games are planning an official GTA 6 announcement which will take place at the time of the GTA Online Halloween event.

Tez 2 explained: “There’s no in-game hint towards GTA 6 within GTA Online files. Rockstar is cautious enough not to do that. But the hint may arrive within the tweet Rockstar will prepare to talk about the UFOs happening on GTA Online.”

Tez2 talking about GTA 6 announcement in GTA forum

According to Tez2, Rockstar might leave a hint for GTA 6’s announcement in a tweet promoting the UFO Halloween event. It may be in a small extra newspaper section discussing tropical storms.

However, since this is currently just a leak, there’s no way to be certain that Rockstar are actually planning a GTA 6 announcement alongside a Halloween UFO event. We’ll need to wait and see if the developers officially announce anything.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games / GTAForums