How to complete Timber task in Gray Zone Warfare: Hostile leader location

Souhardya Choudhury
Gray Zone Warfare scope

Timber is the first Banshee task in Gray Zone Warfare that you’ll have to complete to unlock further missions for him. Thankfully, it’s quite straightforward, and here’s how to do it in Gray Zone Warfare.

Timber is one of the most important tasks in Gray Zone Warfare, as it will help you get access to Banshee’s inventory and quest list. Doing so can be quite beneficial and you can do that by simply going through this straightforward task.

That said, get your bullets ready as here’s how to complete the Timber task in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare: How to complete Timber task

You can complete the Timber task in Gray Zone Warfare by simply eliminating the hostile leader in the Sawmill. This is a pretty easy task if you are clever with your movement as you can easily distinguish the leader from other random enemies, and can take him out from a distance.

Where to find the hostile leader in Gray Zone Warfare

Sawmill boss location Gray Zone Warfare
You can find the boss near the warehouse region.

You can find the hostile leader around the Warehouse area in the Sawmill in Gray Zone Warfare, specifically around coordinates 138, 144.

The leader will have an AK-74M with an Alice attachment, alongside a black Commander vest and G55h-01 ear protectors. However, if you don’t find him around the Sawmill, take a position and start firing your guns, unsuppressed of course, and wait for the leader to be lured in.

Once you have killed him, your rewards should be in your messages already.

Timber rewards in Gray Zone Warfare

Here are the rewards for completing the Timber task in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • 1x MK 18
  • 1000 XP
  • 150 Reputation with Banshee

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