How to complete Gray Zone Warfare Noble Powder task: Suspicious Box location

Aryan Singh
A view from the balcony of the Midnight Sapphire hotel in GZW

Noble Powder is a pretty standard fetch quest in Gray Zone Warfare but one that can be confusing as it forces you to pick between Banshee and Turncoat. Here’s how to complete the Noble Powder task in GZW.

Some Gray Zone Warfare missions and tasks spice things up by forcing players to pick between two vendors for specific quests. An example of this is Noble Powder. The mission given by Banshee is directly tied to a task from Turncoat named Academic Interest.

The vendor you opt for alters the task rewards and your reputation with them. So, here’s how to complete the Noble Powder task in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare: How to complete Noble Powder task

To complete the Noble Powder task in GZW, head to the Midnight Sapphire hotel and look for an item named Suspicious Box. The item is the evidence of a drug trade you’re looking for. Make sure to hand it over to Banshee to wrap up the task.

AI enemies can be found throughout the hotel so be prepared for a few skirmishes. When it comes to locations like the Midnight Sapphire, it’s ideal to bring along a friend.

Suspicious Box location in Gray Zone Warfare

The Suspicious Box in Gray Zone Warfare can be found in the kitchen inside the main hotel building (map coordinates 171 166). Turn right after entering and you’ll spot a joint storage room. Head inside and collect the Suspicious Box from the shelf in the corner.

Suspicious Box location Gray Zone Warfare
You can find the Suspicious Box in the Midnight Sapphire hotel kitchen.

A few enemies will be waiting for you in the kitchen, so make sure to check your corners while entering.

Should you turn over GZW Suspicious Box to Banshee or Turncoat?

For the best rewards, turn over the Suspicious Box to Banshee in Gray Zone Warfare. The vendor offers a solid cash incentive which makes the Noble Powder mission worth completing. However, if you’re looking to boost your reputation with Turncoat, feel free to hand him the box instead.

How to turn over Suspicious Box to Banshee in GZW

To turn over the Suspicious Box to Banshee in Gray Zone Warfare start by heading back to base camp. Once you’re there, open up the menu, click on ‘Vendors,’ then select Banshee, and click on ‘Hand Over’ under Objectives.

Here are the rewards for completing the Noble Powder task:

  • x120 M8 55A1 5.56 Ammo
  • $7400
  • 2000 XP
  • +200 Reputation with Banshee

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