How to complete Cache Retrieval task in Gray Zone Warfare: Lumberyard & Warehouse locations

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Struggling with the Cache Retrieval task in Gray Zone Warfare? Here’s how to complete the mission, including the location of the Lumberyard and Warfarehouse.

Completing tasks and staying alive is the name of the game in Gray Zone Warfare, as the more tasks you get done, the more rewards and better equipment you’ll have. Upgrading your arsenal is key, but one of the starting tasks called Cache Retrieval can be pretty tricky.

If you’re struggling to figure out how to complete Cache Retrieval in Gray Zone Warfare, here’s everything you need to know, including how to get the GPS trackers and the locations of the Warehouse and Lumberyard.

How to complete Cache Retrieval in Gray Zone Warfare

To complete Cache Retrieval in Gray Zone Warfare, players will need to collect the GPS trackers from their mailbox after receiving the task from Gunny in Base Camp then head to the Lumberyard and Warehouse POIs in your faction’s starting town. At these locations, you’ll find caches that you need to place the GPS trackers on.

Make sure you place these GPS trackers in your inventory before taking off and heading to the locations.

Gray Zone Warfare Lumberyard cache location

Here are the coordinates for the Lumberyard for whichever faction you have chosen in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • Mithras Security Systems
    • Lumberyard – 172 119
  • Lamang Recovery Initiative
    • Lumberyard – 200 162
  • Crimson Shield International
    • Lumberyard – 141 161

Once you reach the Lumberyard, you’ll need to look out for a small room with a lantern in it just beside the dirt road. Inside, you’ll find the cache to the left of the lantern, simply interact with it to hide the GPS tracker and this location will be complete.

You can find the Gray Zone Warfare Lumberyard cache in a room under these roof covers.

Gray Zone Warfare Warehouse cache location

For those looking to find the Warehouse in Gray Zone Warfare, here are all the faction starting town coordinates for the POI:

  • Mithras Security Systems
    • Warehouse – 172 117
  • Lamang Recovery Initiative
    • Warehouse – 201 164
  • Crimson Shield International
    • Warehouse – 140 163

The cache in the Warehouse is located around the back of the building, inside a small room that’s connected to the Warehouse. Walk in, hide the GPS tracker in the cache, and head back to Base Camp.

grey zone warfare warehouse
Inside this door is where you’ll find the Warehouse cache in Grey Zone Warfare.

How to get rewards for Cache Retrieval in Gray Zone Warfare

Once you’ve completed both locations, get back to your chosen faction’s Base Camp, open the Vendors tab, head to Gunny, and select the hand-in task option to redeem your rewards for Cache Retrieval in Gray Zone Warfare.

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