Genshin Impact version 4.6: Release date, expansion, banner, QoL updates, more

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Version 4.6 art Genshin Impact

HoYoverse have detailed all that we can expect with the upcoming version 4.6 of Genshin Impact. So, here’s everything that’ll be added to the open-world RPG with the update.

Version 4.6 of Genshin Impact will see the game return to Fontaine, but this time, it isn’t leading into any farce or theatrics. Instead, the update will plunge into the once-prosperous nation of Remuria that now rests deep beneath the seas, untouched by sunlight.

Of course, it’ll also have plenty of other things like new banners and events up its sleeves, so here’s everything about version 4.6 of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact version 4.6 release date

Genshin Impact version 4.6 will be released on April 24, 2024. The date was confirmed by HoYoverse and it is in line with the game’s current schedule of a new version every six weeks.

Genshin Impact version 4.6 banners

Genshin Impact version 4.6 will see the release of Arlecchino. Other characters that are set to get a re-run in version 4.6 are Lyney, Wanderer, and Baizhu.

Here’s how they’ll be paired, phase-wise:

  • Phase 1:
    • Character: Arlecchino and Lyney. 
    • Weapon banner: Crimson Moon’s Semblance and The First Great Magic.
  • Phase 2: 
    • Character: Wanderer and Baizhu.
    • Weapon banner: Tulaytullah’s Remembrance and Jadefall’s Splendor.

Outside of the banner, another never-before-seen character will also make an appearance: Sethos. He was already leaked, and rumor has it that he’ll be one of the 4-star rate-ups in 4.7, which will feature Clorinde as a 5-star introduction.

Genshin Impact version 4.6 story & expansion details

Genshin Impact 4.6 will add a new region in Remuria that will cover the empty area between Chenyu Vale, Sumeru, and Fontaine. The newly added area is entirely underwater, with only a small island that is more or less your gateway to the city beneath the seas.

Rumaria Genshin Impact
A teleporter to the region will be unlocked if you’ve completed the archon quest.

In terms of quests, since Arlecchino will be payable for the first time, 4.6 will feature the first story quest for Arlecchino. We’ll also get a second story quest for Cyno, and Sethos will make his first appearance in the quest.

Genshin Impact version 4.6 boss fights

Version 4.6 of Genshin Impact will add two new boss fights: Statue of Marble and Brass and The Knave.

Statue of Marble and Brass

Described as “a majestic colossus sculpted from marble and brass,” the centaur-looking mechanical foe is an open-world boos that can be found in Remuria. The Statue of Marble and Brass is expected to drop materials for Arlecchino.

The Knave

The Knave is none other than Arlecchino herself. It is a weekly boss, similar to all other Fatui we have had so far such as Childe and Wanderer (now an ex-Fatui). Not to forget the now-deceased, after being ruthlessly killed by the almighty Raiden Shogun, La Signora.  

Genshin Impact version 4.6 artifacts

Genshin Impact version 4.6 will feature two new artifact sets: Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy and Unfinished Reverie. While HoYoverse haven’t shared details on these sets, they were already leaked. Here’s what the leaked description for both the artifacts reads: 

Unfinished Reverie:

  • 2pc: +18% ATK.
  • 4pc: After leaving combat for 3s, all DMG dealth will be increased +50%. During combat, if no Burning is applied on enemies nearby for over 6s, this buff decreases by 10% per second. If there Burning is applied to enemies, it will increase by 10% per second up to 50%. The buff applies for an off-field character. 

Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy:

  • 2pc: +18% ATK.
  • 4pc: Damage dealt +18% when the value of the Bond of Life contract is increased or decreased. Upto six seconds and can be stacked three times.

Bond of Life is a debuff applied to you by either enemies or weapons. In this state, your HP bar will be bordered with red, and you’ll not be allowed to heal your current HP. Fontaine’s new enemies, Frost Operatives and Wind Operatives, apply the debuff. Two weapons can apply Bond of Life, Flowing Purity (Catalyst) and Finale of the Deep (Sword), both are Fontaine’s craftable weapons. 

Remember the set descriptions are leaked ones, so they may change.

Genshin Impact version 4.6 QoL changes

HoYoverse have shared all the QoL changes coming with version 4.6. Here is the list of QoL changes for the upcoming version: 

  • After using Treasure Compass, instead of just showing you the general direction, it’ll mark the chest location directly on your map. The cooldown of the compass will also refresh once you open the chest.
  • Co-op requests will now show the player’s name.
  • New profile avatars of quest-related NPCs, like Aranara, Fujin, etc, can be unlocked by completing their respective quests.
  • New ‘Map Setting’ option while viewing the map, allowing you to filter, Domains, Card Players, and Custom Markers.
    • The region selection screen is also made compact. Earlier it was in a list of one region each, now one line has two regions.
  • Teapot updates:
    • New ‘Quick Obtain’ option to instantly get missing furniture while purchasing or crafting.
    • Craftable missing furniture can be added to a Queued list to craft later.
    • ‘Filter’ and ‘Search’ functions in Realm Depot menu.
    • New discounts will be provided on certain furnishing.
    • Maximum number of furnishing that can be created is increased to 10.
  • Quest Items will now be displayed on the quest menu itself.
  • Reputation quests will be marked red to help you easily identify them.
  • A new ‘Focused Experience Mode’ can be turned on for certain quests, while on it will prevent characters or scenes from being occupied by other quests.

Genshin Impact version 4.6 events and rewards

Version 4.6 will feature the following events in Genshin Impact:

  • Iridescent Arataki Rockin’ For Life Tour De Force of Awesomeness – “On a certain day, you and Paimon receive an invitation sent by one Arataki Itto, inviting you to take part in an event. Spurred onward by the unbridled passion within, you embark on a journey to Watatsumi Island..”
    • Rewards: Gorou, Nightwind Horn Gadget, Primogems, Mora, and more.
  • Windtraces: Seekers and Strategy
    • Rewards: Primogems, Mora, and other upgrade resources.
  • Specially-Shaped Saurian Search – “One day, you and Paimon receive a mysterious commission from the Adventurers’ Guild: ‘Protagonist Wanted.’ You set off on a new journey, searching for wondrous companions…
    • Rewards: Primogems, Mora, and other upgrade resources.
  • Vibro-Crystal Research.
    • Rewards: Primogems, Mora, and other upgrade resources.
  • Overflowing Mastery – Get 2x rewards on Talent Book Domains for a limited time.
  • New TCG Cards of Kuki Shinobu and Faruzan.

Vibro-Crystal Research is a combat event and has appeared in versions 2.6 and 3.5. It played largely similar to other such events, where you pick your characters, with each stage having different buffs on offer. Meanwhile, Windtrace is Genshin Impact’s prop hunt.

That’s everything revealed about version 4.6 of Genshin Impact. For more on the game, check out:

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