Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension potion event guide: How to play, recipes, more

Aakash Regmi
Alchemical-Ascension Genshin Impact

Alchemical Ascension is the latest event in Genshin Impact, and all the challenges have been unlocked. If you’re left wondering about how to play the event, here is a complete guide for it, including solutions for Alchemy Exams as well as Market News. 

Version 4.5 of Genshin Impact introduced a new Alchemical Ascension event to HoYoverse’s RPG. It isn’t as simple as it appears, and understanding market demands can be tricky. But it is worth it as there are generous Primogems rewards and a free 4-star Polearm. 

Besides, with 4.5 already featuring Chiori in the limited banner and phase 2 confirmed to feature re-runs of Neuvillette and Kazuha, the version is stacked, so you’ll need as many Primogems as possible. 

All that said, here is a full guide for Alchemical Ascension in Genshin Impact.

How to play Alchemical Ascension event in Genshin Impact

Each cycle in the Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension potion crafting event has three basic steps: crafting the portion, harvesting materials, and selling the portion. Here is a brief rundown of each of these steps. 

How to craft a portion 

Head to the Concocting Potions stage to start crafting, and you’ll see a puzzle mini-game where you’ll have to place ingredients on grids. Once placed, you can extract a potion by pressing “Complete Concocting.”

Press the right D-Pad to bring forth the market news. Here you’ll be detailed about the types of potions that are in high demand, and you’ll have to craft them. 

Alchemical Ascension in Genshin Impact
If any of your potions are correct and sold well, it’ll be mentioned on top of the news in the next cycle.

In the first few cycles, 2-4, the demand is creating potions for adventurers who love “battling” and potions that have flowers grow more lushly and extend the time of their bloom. For the first, you’ll have to craft a potion that is heavy on Constitution, Strength, or Dexterity; for the second you’ll have to craft one that is heavy on Constitution, Endurance, and Steadying.

The Constitution, Strength, and so on are the characteristics of a particular potion, and they’re influenced by the ingredients you add to the grid. 

Press the left D-Pad and you’ll see each of them have a unique symbol.

Alchemical Ascension Efficacy Explanation in Genshin Impact
The current efficacy of your potion will be highlighted on the pentagon in the top left. 

All you have to do is place ingredients that match the symbol on the grid to create a portion of that efficacy. Place as much as you can until the Tuning Rate bar above crosses 100%.

Concocting potion in Alchemical Ascension in Genshin Impact

After that, click on Complete Concocting. For every cycle, you can also upgrade the portion a few times by clicking on the “Enhance Portion,” and that’ll net you higher revenue.

Harvesting materials

To harvest materials, just head to the harvest stage, click on any cultivation area (boxes), and select the materials you want to harvest from the available materials. Try to harvest materials that are used to craft potions that are in high demand. 

Harvest in Alchemical Ascension in Genshin Impact

More cultivation areas can be brought from Freda, and your harvest can be claimed after a specified cycle is complete. 

Now, all you need to do is sell.

Selling the portion

Now, head towards your stall, click on Potion Stock, and list the potion you just created. 

Make sure to check your Operation Handbook to see if you’ve completed all the tasks you can in the cycle before moving on to the next.

Operational Handbook Alchemical Ascension Genshin Impact
You’ll see a tick next to the activities if you’ve completed them in the current cycle.

After that, you can end the cycle by either visiting the table where Lisa sits or clicking Next Cycle in the handbook.

Now, all you have to do is rinse and repeat through the new cycles. Also, make sure to visit Freda for new upgrades before you move on to the next cycle.

All Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Market News potions

Market News will only give you loose hints of the right Efficacy potion to craft in the Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension event. Here is all the news so far and which potion you can craft. 

Part 1:

  • Cycle 2 – 4:
    • News 1:
      • Demand: Good Hunter is coming up with new dishes for adventurers who love battling.
      • Potion to craft: Constitution, Strength, or Dexterity.
    • News 2:
      • Demand: The owner of a Mondstadt flower shop is looking to have their fresh flowers grow more lushy and extend the time they are in bloom.
      • Potion to craft: Constitution, with Steadying characteristics.
  • Cycle 5 – 7:
    • News 1:
      • Demand: Draff of Springvale is recruiting hunters to hunt an exceedingly speedy Boar King.
      • Potion to craft: Strength, Dexterity, or Wisdom.
    • News 2:
      • Demand: A scholar from Mondstadt has unearthed an ancient stone tablet and is currently trying to decipher the information on it.
      • Potion to craft: Wisdom.
  • Cycles 8 – 10:
    • News 1:
      • Demand: A bard in Mondstadt hopes to reliably to put on a good show in their performances and attract a larger audience.
      • Potion to craft: Charisma or Wisdom.
    • News 2:
      • Demand: The Cavalry Captain of Knights of Favonius is leading a squad that aims to clear out bandits skulking outside the city.
      • Potion to craft: Strength or Dexterity.
    • News 3:
      • Demand: The Dragonspine Exploration Team is preparing supplies to ensure that its members remain in good condition.
      • Potion to craft: Constitution with Endurance characteristics.
    • News 4:
      • Demand: Makeup is fashionable amongst the young girls in Mondstadt.
      • Potion to craft: Charisma.

Each of these demand descriptions has a keyword highlighted in-game in bold, like Makeup for the last one. You can reasonably guess which it’ll be, like Charisma in this case. 

Part 2:

Unlike Part 1, here you’ll get randomized demands. Here is the news and what you should craft for the second part of Alchemical Ascension in Genshin Impact. 

  • News: An exhilarating Pankration Tournament is underway in the Fortress of Meropide, and it is said there’s someone(s) looking to buy a way to boost their physical capabilities no matter the price.
  • Potion to craft: Constitution, Dexterity, or Strength.
  • News: Akademiya students are busy composing final theses and are under significant stress. Some are currently seeking a means to calm their spirits and let them focus on search.
  • Potion to craft: Wisdom with Steadying characteristics.
  • News: Rare, swift-swimming fish have been spotted in Mondstadt’s waters! Enthusiasts are eager to have at them.
  • Potion to craft: Endurance, or Dexterity.
  • News: Recently, the number of people injured by monster attacks has been on the rise, and Deaconess Barbara is looking to replenish the medicine stocks of the Church of Favonius.
  • Potion to craft: Constitution with Steadying or Healing characteristics.
  • News: Some of the Qingce Village elders are in poor health, and they hope to find in a way to extend their lifespans.
  • Potion to craft: Constitution or Strength with Endurance characteristics.
  • News: The Millelith are currently clearing out monsters in order to protect miners. They want to remain calm as they do so and end the battle quickly.
  • Potion to craft: Strength, or Dexterity.
  • News: There have been frequent disturbances in the desert lately, and the Guardian of Aaru Village is leading the other guards in the defense against monster attacks.
  • Potion to craft: Strength, Wisdom, or Endurance characteristics.
  • News: The captain of a Liyue ship wants to improve the constitution of new sailors and ameliorate the effect of seasickness.
  • Potion to craft: Endurance, Constitution, with Healing characteristics.
  • News: The Director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe is preparing to purchase a batch of makeup products for their performances.
  • Potion to craft: Charisma, or Wisdom.
  • News: Yae Publishing House is holding a light novel contest, and authors are searching for inspirations.
  • Potion to craft: Wisdom.

Part 3:

Same as the previous one, the news will be randomized for Part 3 as well, and plenty of them will be repeated from the last ones. By now, you should be pretty much able to guess the potential potions to craft by yourself. 

  • News: Liyue’s Ministry of Civil Affairs has been terribly busy of late. A clerk wants to focus harder and clear work more quickly.
  • Potion to craft: Wisdom, Dexterity with Steadying characteristics.
  • News: An Inazuman Doushin is pursuing a swift and unpredictable ronin.
  • Potion to craft: Strength, Dexterity with Perception characteristics.
  • News: Some Grand Narukami Shrine shrine maidens are feeling unwell due to the winds at night being too cold.
  • Potion to craft: Constitution with Warm, Strengthening, or healing characteristics.
  • News: The number of foreign visitors to Sumeru has been increasing recently, and with it, cases of individuals not being acclimatized to local conditions and food, so Bimarstan is buying a batch of medicine to relieve physical discomfort.
  • Potion to craft: Constitution with Strength and Healing characteristics.
  • News: Fontainian reporters need to spend lots of time investigating stories, and they hope to find a way to quickly replenish their stamina while on break.
  • Potion to craft: Constitution with Endurance, Strengthening characteristics.
  • News: The Fontaine Apparel Association is preparing for a fashion show, and many models are hoping to make their mark and leave a deep impression.
  • Potion to craft: Charisma with Fragrant, Technique characteristics.
  • News: A certain Fontainian celebrity is currently getting ready to host a social ball, and all the invited ladies and gentlemen are preparing themselves.
  • Potion to craft: Same as above, Charisma with Fragrant, Technique characteristics.
  • News: Fontainian divers are salvaging a batch of cultural relics. They wish to move more swiftly underwater so that their work can proceed more efficiently.
  • Potion to craft: Dexterity with Perception, Endurance characteristics.
  • News: Fontaine’s Maison Gardiennage is conducting tactical training, and the Gardes are hoping to improve their performance in the stimulated pursuit.
  • Potion to craft: Dexterity, Strength, with Technique characteristics.
  • News: Some prisoners in the Fortress of Meropide are looking to earn Credit Coupons quickly. They want to be able to process widgets more efficiently by having more strength.
  • Potion to craft: Dexterity, Strength, with Technique, Strengthening, characteristics.

Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Special Request potions

Outside of general market news and demands, some playable characters will also be making an appearance and sharing their demand in the Alchemical Ascension event in Genshin Impact.

  • Beidou and Eula: Constitution and Dexterity potion.
    • Recipe: Same number mix of Jueyun Chili, Flaming Flower and Dandelion, Horsetail.
  • Venti and Diona: Wisdom with Steadying characteristics.
    • Recipe: Qingxin, Windwheel Aster with a few Calla Lily.
  • Diluc: Constitution and Dexterity potion with Focus and Relaxing characteristics.
    • Recipe: Jueyun Chili, Flaming Flower or Dandelion, Horsetail with some of either Dandelion or Berry.
  • Kirara and Gorou: Strength potion with Endurance characteristics.
    • Recipe: Jueyun Chili, Flaming Flower with some Horsetail.

Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension Sucrose Alchemy Exam solution

In the second part, Sucrose will arrive and ask for an exam to test you in the Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension event. Here are all the materials you can use to pass her exams: 

  • Beginner Exam: Mostly stack Calla Lily and Sweet Flower. In case there is a shortage, can use Mushroom or Berry. Remember to not use over three different materials.
  • Intermediate Exam: Pick either Jueyun Chili or Flaming Flower and mix it with Dandelion or Horsetail. Can add Mushrooms and Berries but not more than two or so. Here, you can’t have more than 10 ingredients, so keep that in mind.
  • Advanced Exam: Lots of Qingxin, Windwheel Aster, and Lumidouce Bell, with a few of Violetgrass, Marcotte, or Sumeru Rose. Make sure you’re using each of them once, at least, and you’ll hit the quota of five materials. In case you’re short, can slap one Mushroom, Berry, or Mint.
  • Expert Exam: Stack mostly Sumeru Rose and Glaze Lily with a small mix of Mint or Glaze Lily, and Mist Flower or Calla Lily.

In all of these exams, make sure your Tuning Rate bar is fully filled with an extended purple bar, way over 100%.

Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension all potion recipes

Here are all the Alchemical Ascension potion recipes in Genshin Impact, and the ingredients you’ll need to craft them:

  • Strength: Jueyun Chili, Flaming Flower, Mist Flower.
  • Constitution: Calla Lily, Sweet Flower, Violetgrass.
  • Wisdom: Qingxin, Windwheel Aster, Lumidouce Bell.
  • Charisma: Sumeru Rose, Glaze Lily, Marcotte.
  • Dexterity: Dandelion, Horsetail, Zaytun Peach.
  • Balanced: Mushroom, Berry, Mint.

Mushroom, Berry, and Mint make for balanced potions, so you can slot them anywhere, and they’ll not ruin the Efficacy your potion was leaning into.

And, here are all the characteristics of each of these materials:

  • Perception: Special Mint, Glaze Lily.
  • Steadying: Mist Flower, Calla Lily.
  • Fragrant: Violetgrass, Marcotte, Sumeru Rose.
  • Relaxing: Zaytun Peach, Dandelion.
  • Technique: Lumidouce Bell, Windwheel Aster.
  • Endurance: Mushroom, Horsetail.
  • Warm: Jueyun Chili, Flaming Flower.

If you want a special mixed potion, you can mix ingredients from different potions. Adding materials in different amounts will also produce different-level potions. 

In the end, just check the reward page to see if you’re missing any rewards and work towards them. Or you can simply take Primogems and dip out, which should be a breeze and will be enough to reward you with the Polearm as well. 

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