Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun ascension & talent level-up materials

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Raiden Shogun with a creepy electro eye in Genshin Impact

Archons in Genshin Impact have always been some of the strongest characters, and that holds true for the imposing and autocratic Raiden Shogun. If you don’t have her yet and are looking to pre-farm for her next re-run, here are all the ascension and talent level-up materials for Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact. 

We’ve had five playable Archons in Genshin Impact so far — Venti, Zhongli, Raiden Shogun, Nahida, and Furina. All of them have different playstyles and are some of the strongest, if not the strongest, for their respective roles. 

Raiden Shogun was first released on Genshin Impact version 2.1 and has had multiple re-runs so far. If you have missed her, she’ll be the limited banner rate-up in the upcoming Genshin Impact version 4.3

So, here are all the materials Raiden Shogun uses for her ascension and talent level-up in Genshin Impact, so you can pre-farm.

Raiden shogun staring in terror in Genshin Impact
Raiden Shogun is an Electro Polearm user.

Raiden Shogun ascension materials in Genshin Impact

Here are all the materials Raiden Shogun uses for her ascension in Genshin Impact:

120,000x1 Vajrada Amethyst Silverx3 Amakumo Fruitx3 Old Handguard
240,000x3 Vajrada Amethyst Fragmentx10 Amakumo Fruitx2 Storm Beadsx15 Old Handguard
360,000x6 Vajrada Amethyst Fragmentx20 Amakumo Fruitx4 Storm Beadsx12 Kageuchi Handguard
480,000x3 Vajrada Amethyst Chunkx30 Amakumo Fruitx8 Storm Beadsx18 Kageuchi Handguard
5100,000x6 Vajrada Amethyst Chunkx45 Amakumo Fruitx12 Storm Beadsx12 Famed Handguard
6120,000x6 Vajrada Amethyst Gemstonex60 Amakumo Fruitx20 Storm Beadsx24 
Famed Handguard

Here is the total number of ascension materials you’ll require for level 90 ascension:

  • x1 Vajrada Amethyst Silver
  • x9 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
  • x9 Vajrada Amethyst Chunk
  • x6 Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone
  • x46 Storm Beads
  • x18 Old Handguard
  • x30 Kageuchi Handguard
  • x36 Famed Handguard
  • 420,000 Mora
  • x168 Amakumo Fruit

How to get Raiden Shogun ascension materials in Genshin Impact

Below are the details on where you can find Raiden Shogun’s ascension materials in Genshin Impact:

  • Vajrada Amethyst – Dropped by Electro Hypostases, weekly bosses (Azhdaha, Davalin, Childe, Wanderer, Raiden), and normal bosses (Coral Defenders, Iniquitous Baptist, Primo Geovishap, Electro Regisvine, Thunder Manifestation, Millennial Pearl Seahorse).
  • Amakumo Fruit – Found across Seirai Island, for easier farming routes you can refer to our guide detailing the locations.
  • Storm Beads – Dropped by Thunder Manifestation.
  • Handguard – Dropped by Nobushi.

Raiden Shogun talent level-up materials in Genshin Impact

The table below shows all the talent level-up materials you’ll need to collect for Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact:

2x3 Teachings of Lightx6 Old Handguard12,500
3x2 Guide to Lightx3 Kageuchi Handguard17,500
4x4 Guide to Lightx4 Kageuchi Handguard25,000
5x6 Guide to Lightx6 Kageuchi Handguard30,000
6x9 Guide to Lightx9 Kageuchi Handguard37,500
7x4 Philosophies of Lightx4 Famed Handguard120,000x1 Molten Moment
8x6 Philosophies of Lightx6 Famed Handguard260,000x1 Molten Moment
9x12 Philosophies of Lightx9 Famed Handguard450,000x2 Molten Moment
10x16 Philosophies of Lightx12 Famed Handguard700,000x2 Molten Momentx1 Crown of Insight

Here’s how many materials you’ll need to upgrade Raiden Shogun’s one of three talent levels to 10: 

  • x3 Teaching of Light 
  • x21 Guide to Light
  • x38 Philosophies of Light
  • x6 Old Handguard
  • x22 Kageuchi Handguard
  • x31 Famed Handguard
  • x6 Molten Moment
  • x1 Crown of Insight
  • 1,653,000 Mora

How to collect Raiden Shogun’s talent level-up materials in Genshin Impact

Below is a list detailing where you can find all the Raiden Shogun’s talent level-up material in Genshin Impact:

  • Talent Materials – Violet Court Domain (located on Kannazuka, Inazuma on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday).
  • Handguard Materials – Dropped by Nobushi.
  • Molten Moment (Boss Materials) – Dropped by La Signora weekly boss fight.
  • Crown of Insight – Limited time events and upgrading regional offering systems (Frostbearing Tree’s Gratitude, Sacred Sakura, etc).

That’s every materials you’ll need to farm for Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact, for more on the game, check out:

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