All Viewpoint locations in Wuthering Waves

Stephanie Zucarelli
Jinzhou city in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves has a vast map that you’ll need to explore to complete quests and gather rewards. If you’re looking to find all Viewpoints collectibles, here’s where to find them in WuWa.

Kuro Games have made sure that Wuthering Waves‘ map comes with beautiful scenery that you can enjoy by traveling to Viewpoint locations. While discovering them isn’t part of the main questline, you’ll need to get them to achieve a 100% Exploration Rate of all regions in Huanglong.

If you’re wondering where to find all Viewpoint locations in Wuthering Waves, here’s everything you need to know.

What are Viewpoints in Wuthering Waves?

In Wuthering Waves, Viewpoints are scenic spots that you can find scattered across Huanglong. You can collect them to get Astrites, add them to your Exploration Rate, and also save them to revisit later through the Gallery menu in your Pangu Terminal.

Where to find all Viewpoint locations in Wuthering Waves

There are a total of 14 Viewpoint locations in Wuthering Waves, and finding all of them will contribute to your Exploration rate per region.

After collecting a Viewpoint, you’ll get to see a postal card of the region.

Here’s every Viewpoint in Huanglong, including its location:

Warblade in Norfall BarrensNorfall Pass, available after completing Rewinding Raindrops questNorfall Barrens
Ruins of the Old DaysNear Depths of Illusive RealmWhining Aix’s Mire
DaybreakFallen Grave region, available after completing the Stygian Lacrimosa Exploration questWhining Aix’s Mire
Eternal BlueLollo Warehouse areaWhining Aix’s Mire
Safety First!Near Distribution CenterTiger’s Maw
Mt. PingtingCorroded Ruins areaTiger’s Maw/ Wumbing Bay
Sky IncineratedWithin the infected zone, inside the Sea of Flames areaPort City of Guixu
Weightless SkyscrapersNear the Sea of FlamesPort City of Guixu
Moon Within ReachViolet Banyan area, available after completing “Shines in the Forest” questDim Forest
Luminous Petals(South of the Forbidden Forest, available reaching Union Level 20 and after completing “When the Forest Is No Longer Dim” questDim Forest
Rain Drops of the PastNear Withering Frontline areaDesorock Plains
Sentinel’s StatueBeneath Sentinel’s StatueGorge of Spirits
Falling StreamsNear Taoyuan VileGorge of Spirits
City of JinzhouNorth of Loong’s Gaze SuburbsCentral Plains

And that’s everything on where to find all Wuthering Waves’ Viewpoints locations. If you want to know more about Kuro Games’ gacha experience, check how to complete the “Save the World? Save the Cat!” quest, and how to farm Scarletthorn Ore.

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