Wuthering Waves: All Resonance Nexus locations

Stephanie Zucarelli
Resonance Nexus in Wuthering Waves

Resonance Nexus will help you travel through the vast map of Huanglong, so here’s every place where you’ll be able to unlock one.

Wuthering Waves has a huge map for new Resonators to explore, and Resonance Nexus are key waypoints to get to know everything worthwhile in Huanglong.

Activating a Resonance Nexus won’t only let you fast-travel through different regions, but they’ll also allow you to download map data about the area and more.

Here’s everything about Resonance Nexus in Wuthering Waves, including every location where you can find them.

Wuthering Waves: All Resonance Nexus locations

There are 11 Resonance Nexus you can find in the Wuthering Waves 1.0 update. Here’s where you can find each of them:

RegionResonance Nexus Location
JinzhouIn the center of the city.
Gorges of SpiritsNorth of the location’s city.
Central Plains* North of the Central Plains main city.
* Southeast of Central Plains, on the coast of an island.
Tiger’s MawHalfway to the Port City of Guixu, northwest of the region.
Wuming BayTo the southwest of Wuming Bay.
Port City of GuixuEast of the city, almost halfway to Tiger’s Maw.
Whining Aix’s Mire* West Whining Aix’s Mine.
* North of the main city, near its port.
Desorock HighlandSouth of the Desorock Highland.
Dim ForestSouthwest of the region, near the coast.
Norfall BarrensN/A

You can also follow their location based on this map:

Wuthering Waves' Resonance Nexus locations
You can interact with a Resonance Nexus to revive a teammate.

How to use a Resonance Nexus in Wuthering Waves

You can activate a Resonance Nexus in Wuthering Waves to get more information about major points of interest you can explore around you. After doing so, you can also use them to fast-travel to any beacon that was previously unlocked, recover your party’s HP, and even revive team members who were defeated.

And that’s everything on Wuthering Waves’ Resonance Nexus. If you’re eager to keep exploring the world of Solaris-3, you can check what time the Kuro Games’ servers reset, and which character you can pick from the current Convene.