Wuthering Waves server reset time: Daily & weekly reset explained

Aakash Regmi
red guy in Wuthering Waves

If you’re wondering when the server resets in Wuthering Waves, here are the exact times when daily and weekly refreshes take place. 

Just like any gacha game, Wuthering Waves has dailies, which are the most consistent source of Astrites. These daily quests reset every day at a certain time, and usually, the time syncs when new updates are introduced and banners change. 

All that said, here is the server reset time for Wuthering Waves. 

Wuthering Waves daily reset time 

Wuthering Waves daily item reset occurs every 4:00 AM based on your regional server time. This is different from other titles, like Genshin Impact, which resets at the same time worldwide. 

Here are the times you can expect a daily reset to happen, based on your server.

  • Asia: 4 AM CST | 5 AM JST
  • SEA: 4 AM CIT | 1:30 IST
  • HMT: 4 AM HKT
  • America: 3 AM PT | 6 AM ET
  • Europe: 11 AM BST | 12 AM CET

Daily reset will refresh your daily quests, collectible resources like ore, and enemies will respawn. You can track the time in-game by visiting the quest menu and heading to the quest section once you’ve unlocked the daily quest feature by completing the Ominous Star main quest.

An electro monster about about to touch a character in Wuthering Waves
Lunite Subscription rewards also reset with daily reset.

Wuthering Waves weekly reset time 

Wuthering Waves weekly reset happens every Monday at 4:00 AM based on your regional server time, exactly the same time as the daily quest. In terms of what it resets, you’ll be able to replay all weekly activities, like certain boss fights and battle pass challenges.

We currently do not know if the reset times also apply to things like banners and version updates. In other gacha games, server reset also meant banners would go live at the same time, but since Wuthering Waves does not reset at the same time for every server, it is unclear whether some regions will unlock banners earlier than others. 

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