Where to find Kent in Stardew Valley: Gifts, birthday, can you marry him, more

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If you’ve come across Kent in Stardew Valley, you’re already in your second year in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Kent’s life, favorite things to gift, and more, including where to find him daily.

Kent lives in Pelican Town and you might find it a challenge to find him, considering how early he wakes up. While Kent no longer serves in the army, his schedule back home hasn’t changed a lot, and he’s still getting used to life away from war.

If you’re curious to find everything about Kent in Stardew Valley, we’ve got you covered below.

Where to find Kent?

You can find Kent in Jodi’s house in Stardew Valley, located at 1 Willow Lane, Pelican Town. Once Winter ends and Day 1 of Spring, Year 2 begins in the game, you’ll find Kent at your doorstep in the morning.

He’ll swing by your place to introduce himself quickly, and if you wish to interact more with Kent, you’ll have to head to Pelican Town.

All gifts you can give to Kent in Stardew Valley

Like any other NPC, Kent also loves some items more than others, and here’s a list of all the things you can gift to Kent to boost your friendship:

Items Kent loves

  • All Universal loves – Golden Pumpkin, Magic Rock Candy, Prismatic Shard, Pearl, Rabbit’s Foot
  • Roasted Hazelnuts – Prepared via Cooking (Oil, Fiddlehead Fern, Garlic)
  • Fiddlehead Risotto – Prepared via Cooking (3x Hazelnut)
Golden Pumpkin in Stardew Valley
Everyone loves Golden Pumpkins in Stardew Valley, including Kent!

Items Kent likes

  • All Universal likes – (Except Algae Soup, Tortilla, and Sashimi)
  • All Fruits
  • All Eggs – Except Void Egg (A black egg with red dots/freckles)
  • Daffodil – Easy to find during the Spring season

Apart from the gifts mentioned above, no other item will boost your friendship with Kent in Stardew Valley. However, you can lower your friendship level if you gift him the following items he hates:

  • Algae Soup
  • Holly
  • Sashimi
  • Tortilla

When is Kent’s birthday?

In Stardew Valley, Kent’s birthday is on Spring 4. If you gift Kent something he likes on his birthday, it will have eight times the effect as compared to normal days, and will also trigger a unique dialogue where he will thank you for remembering his birthday or simply let you know that he loves the gift.

To quickly find Kent on his birthday, you’ll need to know his daily schedule.

Daily schedule of Kent in Stardew Valley

Regular schedule

  • 7:00 AM – Leaves home, and stands under the tree between the sewer entrance and the bridge to the beach.
  • 10:30 AM – Returns home and spends time in his living room.
  • 2:00 PM – Leaves again to stand under a tree slightly North of his house.
  • 5:00 PM – Returns home and stands near the entrance.
  • 7:00 PM – Makes his way to the kitchen.
  • 9:00 PM – Leaves again to stand under a tree in front of his house.
  • 11:00 PM – Returns home to go to bed.

It’s worth noting that Spring 4 is a Thursday, so to find Kent on his birthday you need to be wary of his regular schedule.

Additionally, there’s a slight change in the places he visits and the timings during the weekends, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If you’re looking to find Kent when it’s raining in the game, make your way to his house or the trees next to his house.

Coming across Kent in Stardew Valley near his house
You’ll often find Kent daydreaming under a tree, close to his house.

Can you marry Kent?

No, you can’t marry Kent in Stardew Valley. He’s already married to Jodi and has two sons with her, Sam and Vincent. You can increase your friendship level with him, which can lead Kent to send you mail sometimes with recipes.

Here are all the gifts Kent sends you via mail:

  • Cherry Bomb
  • Bomb
  • Mega Bomb
  • Battery Pack
  • Crispy Bass recipe – Once you reach friendship level of three hearts
  • Super Meal recipe – Once you reach friendship level of seven hearts

As you start boosting your friendship with Kent, the chances of you getting gifts from him in the mail will also increase.

Where was Kent in Stardew Valley during the first year?

Kent’s wife Jodi mentions during the first year in Stardew Valley that her husband was away due to being deployed in the army. However, Kent returns to Pelican Town during the Springtime in year two.

While you don’t get to directly know about the war, if you interact with Kent on a few occasions and read the books, you’ll find out that Kent was deployed in the army of Ferngill Republic, where Stardew Valley is situated.

Additionally, the Ferngill army has been fighting against the Gotoro Empire’s forces, and Kent often describes how miserable the conditions were in the Gotoro prison camp when you gift him an item he hates.

Is Kent trying to kill you in Stardew Valley?

No, Kent isn’t trying to kill you. If you’re surprised by his gifts, which are mostly bombs, there’s no need to worry. He simply sends you the items that were lying around in his toolshed that no longer have any use to him.

It’s also important to note that Kent has been away from home for a long time and living in a peaceful town isn’t something he’s completely used to. All in all, he’s cherishing your friendship by sending you small gifts from time to time.

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