Where to find books in Stardew Valley: Prices, locations, more

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The Bookseller in Stardew Valley

The Bookseller in Stardew Valley can give you a whole array of books to help improve your skills quickly and give you new abilities, and there are a few places where you can find them. Here is where to find the Bookseller, where to find other books, and what they can do for you.

There are many items in Stardew Valley that make your farm life easier, and some of them are more difficult to find than others. Books, one of the newest additions to the game, is one of these items. There’s no one place to find them, but the Bookseller and other shopkeepers are a good place to start.   

The Bookseller will appear randomly, but if you know where to find them, you’ll have access to a large array of interesting books that help increase your XP, give you new abilities, and more. Here is where to find the Bookseller in Stardew Valley, what books you can find otherwise, and what they do for you.

Where to find Books in Stardew Valley

You can find Books in Stardew Valley by buying them from the Bookseller, other shopkeepers, and other items like fishing treasure chests and Golden Mystery Boxes.

Bookseller Shop menu in Stardew Valley
The Bookseller has a variety of books you can buy.

The Bookseller is the specialized shopkeeper where you can buy books that give you a variety of XP bonuses, new abilities, and the ability to learn new recipes. However, they are not the only place where you can find Books.

Books can also be bought from other shopkeepers, but these tend to be a bit more specialized to those particular vendors. You can also find Books through foraging, Mystery Boxes, fishing treasure chests, and by completing certain quests.

Where to find the Bookseller in Stardew Valley

The Bookseller can be found in Stardew Valley by traveling to the east of Pelican Town above the JojaMart building.

Follow these steps to find the Bookseller:

  1. Head to Pierre’s Store in Pelican Town.
  2. Go east toward the JojaMart.
  3. Once you’ve crossed the bridge to JojaMart, walk up and immediately turn right behind the JojaMart building.
  4. Go up the stairs and find the Bookseller here. 

When the Bookseller appears in town, it will be marked on your calendar. You will also get a notification on the day that they are there, and you should be able to visit the shop all day.

The Bookseller appears on two randomly selected days every season. Here are all the possible days the Bookseller could be in town:

  • Spring: 11, 12, 21, 22, 25
  • Summer: 9, 12, 18, 26, 27
  • Fall: 4, 7, 8, 9, 12, 19, 22, 25
  • Winter: 5, 11, 12, 19, 22, 24

All books & prices at the Stardew Valley Bookseller

The Stardew Valley Bookseller has a few unique books for sale, and some are a lot more expensive than others.

Here is a full list of all the books the Bookseller has for sale: 

NameDescriptionPriceAlternative locations
Bait and BobberRead this to get some fishing experience.5,000gArtifact spots and Golden Mystery Boxes
Book of StarsRead this to gain experience in all skills. 15,000gReward for completing the Raccoons’ fourth request.
Combat QuarterlyRead this to gain combat experience.5,000gFishing treasure and Golden Mystery Boxes
Friendship 101Become friends with NPCs a little faster.20,000gPrize machine in Lewis’ house
Horse: The BookYou gain extra speed while on your horse.25,000gN/A
Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be ThickGain +1 Defense.20,000gArtifact spots
Mining MonthlyRead this to gain mining experience.5,000gGolden Mystery Boxes
Ol’ SlitherlegsRun a lot faster through grass and crops.25,000gN/A
Price CatalogueSee the value of your items.3,000gN/A
Queen Of Sauce CookbookLearn any Queen Of Sauce recipes that you don’t already know.50,000gN/A
Stardew Valley AlmanacRead this to gain farming experience.5,000gPrize machine in Lewis’ house
Treasure Appraisal GuideYou will fetch a better price when selling artifacts.20,000gMystery Boxes and Artifact Spots
Way Of The Wind pt. 1You run a little bit faster.15,000gN/A
Way Of The Wind pt. 2You run a little bit faster.35,000gN/A
Woodcutter’s WeeklyRead this to gain foraging experience.8,000gTraveling merchant and Desert Festival merchant

Any book that gives you experience in a skill also has a chance to appear in the Bookseller’s stock for 8,000g or 10,000g.

You can also sell books you’ve found while exploring, foraging, and mining that you have no use for at the Bookseller for a range of different items:

Cave Jelly (3)Rare jelly found in underground lakes. Jewels of the Sea
River Jelly (3)Rare jelly found in the river.Jewels of The Sea
Sea Jelly (3)Rare jelly found in the ocean. Jewels of The Sea
Hardwood (20)Special kind of wood used in crafting.Woody’s Secret
Stuffing (3)Gives you 170 Energy, 76 Health, and +2 Defense.Jack be Nimble, Jack be Thick
Slime Egg-Press (1)Compresses 100 pieces of slime into a slime egg.Monster Compendium
Slime Incubator (1)Hatches slimes eggs into slimes.Monster Comendium
Mystery Box (7)Clint can open these for various prizes.Book of Mysteries
Spicy Eel (3)Gives you 115 Energy, 51 Health, +1 Speed, and +1 Luck.Treasure Appraisal Guide
Artifact Trove (3)Clint can open these for ancient relics and curiosities.Treasure Appraisal Guide
Fairy Dust (8)Sprinkle on kegs, furnaces, and other refining equipment to instantly receive their product.Book of Stars
Pepper Poppers (2)Gives you 130 Energy, 58 Health, +2 Farming, and +1 Speed.Stardew Valley Almanac
Deluxe Bait (30)Causes fish to bite even faster and increases size of the “fishing bar”.Bait and Bobber
Wood (100)Necessary material for various crafting and building recipes.Woodcutter’s Weekly
Coal (20)Material necessary for smelting and crafting.Mining Monthly
Monster Musk (1)Spray this on to draw more monsters out of hiding.Combat Quarterly

If you want to hold on to the books you’ve found, you can reread most books for even more experience when you find them again. This is especially helpful when you have maxed out your skills and need to gain experience toward the Mastery Cave.

Alternative locations for Books in Stardew Valley

You can buy books from various shopkeepers in Stardew Valley by trading gold and items for them, and some books will drop as rewards while foraging and fishing.  

The Animal Catalogue, for example, is a book you can buy from Marnie for 5,000 gold. It lets you access her shop when it’s not around. Or you could find Woody’s Secret while chopping down trees, which gives you the chance to get double the wood when you fell a tree. 

Here are all the books you can find that aren’t for sale from the Bookseller: 

Alleyway BuffetYou have a greater chance to find items in the trash.The golden trash can between the Blacksmith and the JojaMart.
Animal CatalogueYou can access Marnie’s shop when she’s not around.Marnie’s Shop for 5,000g
Book of MysteriesYou have a slightly greater chance to find Mystery Boxes.Golden Mystery Boxes
Dwarvish Safety ManualBombs deal 25% less damage to you.Dwarf’s Shop
Jewels Of The SeaFishing treasure chests have a chance to yield roe.Fishing treasure
Mapping Cave SystemsYou get a 50% discount on Marlon’s item retrieval service.Found in a box in the back of the Adventurer’s Guild
Monster CompendiumMonsters have a small chance to drop double loot.Monster loot
The Art O’ CrabbingCrab pots have a 25% chance to yield double.Reward for catching 10 squids during SquidFest
The Diamond HunterAll stones have a chance to drop a diamond when mined by hand.Volcano Dungeon Dwarf’s Shop
Raccoon JournalWeeds have a greater chance to yield mixed seeds.Reward for completing the second Raccoon item quest
Woody’s SecretFelled trees have a 5% chance to yield double the wood.Gained randomly by chopping trees.

Most of the books listed here will also be available at random in the Bookseller’s selection when you start Year 3, including Alleyway Buffet, The Art O’ Crabbing, Dwarvish Safety Manual, Jewels of the Sea, Raccoon Journal, Woody’s Secret, Monster Compendium, and Mapping Cave Systems.

That’s everything to know about books and the Bookseller in Stardew Valley! If you want to read more content like this, you can check out our list of guides below.

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