How to catch Tuna in Stardew Valley: Where to find & best uses

Aakrit Sharma
Tuna in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley lets you inherit a farm and turn it into whatever you want. You’ll also catch fish to complete missions and cook delicious and nutritious items, and here’s everything to know about catching Tuna in Stardew Valley.

Catching fish and other animals is one of the simplest yet most important tasks in survival games like Minecraft and Stardew Valley. In ConcernedApe’s hit title, there are tons of fish with unique properties and everything you catch should have some use on the farm. The Tuna is no exception, as it is a part of some amazing recipes that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Due to the time and geographical constraints though, getting Tuna can be a bit confusing. Many in the community have complained about its low appearance, but we have the proper strategy to help you.

So, here’s everything to know about catching Tuna in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley player catching Tuna

Where & when to find Tuna in Stardew Valley

You can find Tuna in Stardew Valley in the ocean during Summer and Winter. You can try looking for the fish in the following locations:

  • The Beach
  • Beach Farm
  • Ginger Island’s west, south, southeast, and Pirate Cove shores. Tuna spawns regardless of the weather here.
  • Garbage Cans.
  • Purchase Tuna from the Travelling Cart for 300-1000 Gold.

How to lure Tuna in Stardew Valley

The best way to lure Tuna in Stardew Valley is by using a Magic Bait. The item removes all weather, time, and seasonal requirements for the fish to appear and you should be able to find it effortlessly.

Best Tuna uses in Stardew Valley

Tuna has the following uses in Stardew Valley:

  • You can create a dyeable Sailor Shirt with Tuna.
  • To complete the Quality Fish Bundle, you’d want to have an Iridium or Gold-quality Tuna.
  • Tuna is an ingredient for crafting Fish Taco, Maki Roll, Quality Fertilizers, and Sashimi.

Having said that, refrain from gifting Tuna to Villagers as most of them dislike it. Demetrius, Willy, Sebastian, Elliott, Leo, Pam, and Linus are the only ones with a neutral reaction while Evelyn, Haley, and Pierre outright hate it.

Well, this was everything to know about catching Tuna in Stardew Valley. For similar content, you can check out:

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