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Stunlock Studios’ vampire survival game has finally received a full release date after two years in Early Access, so here’s everything about V Rising.

V Rising is a vampire survival ARPG developed by Stunlock Studios that invites players to reclaim their domain as vampires of a gothic world. While trying to rebuild their castles and convert humans into their servants, they’ll need to complete challenges and fight off bosses to raise their vampire empire once again.

Here’s everything you need to know about V Rising, including its full release date.


V Rising release date & platforms

V Rising’s full release date is set for May 8, 2024, and will be available on Steam (PC). The game is also available on PlayStation 5, but its full release date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Stunlock Studios survival RPG was first announced on May 5, 2021, but its Early Access version has been available since May 17, 2022.

V Rising story

In V Rising, players will awaken as ancient vampires after decades of slumber. They’ll find that the church has almost destroyed vampire clans, conquered their lands, and kept vampires at bay thanks to their magic.

But as the church became corrupt over the years, their powers faded, and vampires have now the chance to reclaim their domains as they fight off both V Blood Carriers and other supernatural enemies that invaded the world.

V Rising gameplay

V Rising is a gothic open world that invites players to explore a dark realm as recently awakened vampires. While hunting for blood and resources, they’ll need to complete quests to start building their castle.

Consuming NPC’s blood will allow players to build their own class depending on what type of Blood category the NPC has. This will boost players’ unique skills and spells but can make their hunt for blood more difficult.

Stunlock Studios present an open world divided into 5 biomes that players have to claim to start their domain. After placing their castles, they’ll have to survive day and night cycles and gather enough resources to upkeep their territory.

The game counts with a PvP game mode, where players can decide between the Standard, Full Loot, and Duo options. In Standard, players will have to fight and loot one another until vanquishing their enemies. In Full Loot, they can fully destroy their enemies’ castles with extra equipment. In Duo, they can group up in factions that can’t be larger than two members.

V Rising trailers

V Rising Early Access Launch trailer was originally released on Mar 17, 2022:

On February 1, 2024, Stunlock Studios confirmed an upcoming V Rising version for PlayStation 5:

On Mar 14, 2024, Stunlock Studios confirmed the release date for the V Rising full version:

On April 18, 2024, devs showed off the latest endgame zone that will be included with the full release of V Rising:

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