Best Stardew Valley Greenhouse layout: Trees, sprinklers, best crops, more

Emily Stander
The Greenhouse in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has a few locations that become unlockable once you complete the Community Center, and the Greenhouse is one of them. Here is the best layout for the Greenhouse, which crops should be grown in it, and how you can unlock it. 

The Greenhouse is one of the most useful buildings in Stardew Valley, letting you put a whole range of crops in there without having to worry about the season. It takes some effort to unlock, though, as you need to complete Community Center bundles. 

So, without further ado, here is how you can unlock the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley, what the best crops to use in it are, and the best layout to use for it. 

Best Greenhouse layout in Stardew Valley

The best Greenhouse layout in Stardew Valley lets you plant 116 crops and 18 fruit trees without sacrificing much space at all.

This depends on the kind of sprinklers you’re using, of course. Unlocking and being able to craft the Iridium Sprinkler is paramount to making the best of the space you have in the Greenhouse.

Iridium can usually be found abundantly in Skull Cavern, but you also have a chance of finding some when you break open Geodes at Clint’s Shop. Once you have five Iridium, you can smelt an Iridium bar and craft an Iridium Sprinkler also using a Gold Bar and Battery Pack.

Don’t be afraid to use the Quality Sprinkler in the meantime, though, as that allows you to build up your Greenhouse until you’re able to craft enough Iridium sprinklers. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait to start planting fruit trees.

Here is the best layout for the Greenhouse:

The layout for the Stardew Valley greenhouse
This layout will make sure you’re making the best use of your space.

If you want to build trellis crops like Green Beans and Hops in the Greenhouse, though, you’re going to need to take a bit of a different approach because you cannot walk through them like other crops. So, here is a possible layout for a Greenhouse that has trellis crops:

Greenhouse layout for trellis crops in Stardew Valley
You’ll need a different layout if you’re planting trellis crops in the Greenhouse.

Best crops to grow in the Stardew Valley Greenhouse

The best crops to grow in the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley are Ancient Fruit, Starfruit, and any crops out of season

Here are the top 10 crops to put in the Greenhouse: 

  • Ancient Fruit 
  • Starfruit 
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries 
  • Coffee Beans 
  • Cranberries
  • Cactus Fruit 
  • Fruit trees 
  • Cranberries 
  • Sweet Gem Berries
Stardew Valley Greenhouse crops
You can grow any crops in your Greenhouse.

We specifically suggest Ancient Fruit and Starfruit as your main crops for your Greenhouse because they are some of the best crops to use for making wine and selling as is to make money. Sweet Gem Berries fetch a great price, and they usually take the entirety of Fall to grow outside of the Greenhouse.

Coffee Beans are another great option because then you will always have a stock to make Coffee, which gives you a nice speed boost. It may also be worth considering planting any other crops that continue yielding once they have matured like Blueberries, Strawberries, and Cranberries. 

You can also put your fruit trees in your Greenhouse to make sure they yield fruit all year round instead of just bearing fruit during their respective seasons. 

How to unlock the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley 

To unlock the Greenhouse in Stardew Valley, you need to complete the Pantry bundles in the Community Center

Community Center in Stardew Valley
You can unlock the Greenhouse by completing the Pantry bundles.

The Greenhouse can be found in a dilapidated and unusable state when you enter your farm for the first time. Once you have completed all the bundles in the Pantry, you will go to sleep that night and the Junimos will repair it. 

Alternatively, you can also unlock the Greenhouse via the Jojamart Community Development Project by paying 35,000 gold for it. Beware, though, because you can only choose either JojaMart or fixing the Community Center through the Junimo bundles. 

The Greenhouse is one of the best buildings in Stardew Valley because it lets you grow crops from any season during any time of the year. In total, there are six Junimo bundles you need to complete in the Pantry to unlock it: 

Spring Crops Bundle 

The Spring Crops Bundle asks for one Parsnip, Green Bean, Cauliflower, and Potato. Each of these seeds can be bought at Pierre’s or JojaMart and grown on your farm during Springtime.

Summer Crops Bundle

The Summer Crops Bundle asks for one Melon, Blueberry, Tomato, and Hot Pepper. Like Spring crops, they can also be bought at Pierre’s or JojaMart and grown on your farm during Summer. 

Fall Crops Bundle

The Fall Crops Bundle asks for one Pumpkin, Eggplant, Yam, and Corn. While all of them can be grown during Fall, Corn can also be planted in Summer and will carry over into the Fall season. 

Quality Crops Bundle 

The Quality Crops Bundle asks for five gold-quality Pumpkins, Parsnips, Melons, and Corn. This will be a little more difficult to get hold of, but make sure you save your gold-tier crops of these varieties when you get them so you can gather five of each to add to this bundle. 

As you level up your Farming skill, it will grow increasingly likely to harvest gold-tier crops. Make sure you are planting as much as you can in Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

It’s important to note that crops that grow from Wild Seeds do not add to your Farming skill, so make sure you’re planting seeds you can buy from Pierre’s or JojaMart.  

Animal Bundle 

The Animal Bundle asks for five ingredients from any of the items on this list: Large Milk, Large Goat Milk, Duck egg, Brown Large chicken egg, White Large chicken egg, and Wool

Pantry bundles in Stardew Valley
Each bundle requires special items to complete.

To get animal products, you need to invest in a Coop and a Barn. A Coop will house Chickens, Ducks, and Rabbits. More specifically, here are all the Coop varieties and the animals they house: 

  • Coop: Chickens 
  • Big Coop: Ducks, all Chicken varieties
  • Deluxe Coop: Ducks, Chickens, Rabbits 

Barns function in the same way, but just with different animals: 

  • Barn: Cows and Ostriches 
  • Big Barn: Cows, Ostriches, Goats
  • Deluxe Barn: Cows, Ostriches, Goats, Sheep, Pigs

Coops and Barns can be built and upgraded at Robin’s shop in the Mountains. You need more gold and money every time you upgrade your buildings, so make sure you save up. 

Artisan bundle 

The Artisan bundle asks for five of any of these items: Truffle Oil, Cloth, Goat Cheese, Cheese, Honey, Jelly, Apple, Apricot, Orange, Peach, Pomegranate, and Cherry

All of the fruits from this list can be grown on their respective fruit trees in 29 days, or found in the cave on your farm if you select the Bat Cave option. You can buy fruit tree saplings from Pierre or JojaMart, and they can also be won at the ticket station in Lewis’ house. 

Here are the seasons each tree grows in: 

  • Spring: Apricot, Cherry
  • Summer: Orange, Peach 
  • Fall: Apple, Pomegranate 

Here is where to get the rest of the items in the artisan bundle: 

NameIngredientsSourceIngredient Source
CheeseMilkCheese Press, Desert TraderCows
Goat CheeseGoat’s MilkCheese PressGoats
Truffle OilTruffleOil MakerPigs
HoneyN/ABee House, Oasis N/A
ClothWoolLoom, Recycled Soggy Newspaper, Desert Trader, Mummies in Skull CavernSheep, Rabbits
JellyAny fruitPreserves JarFruit trees, Farm Cave (Bat Option), Foraging

At the end of the day, though, it’s up to you what you want to put in your Greenhouse. If you want to learn more about Stardew Valley to try and figure out what those may be, you can check out our guides list below.

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