Stardew Valley Forest Farm layout: Foraging items, fishing, more

Nikhil Bahuguna
Stardew Valley forest farm layout

If you’re looking to start your Stardew Valley journey in the Forest Farm, here’s all you need to know about the location, including the advantages and disadvantages of starting in this setting, the resources available, and more.

The first decision you have to make before creating a new file in Stardew Valley is to choose the type of farm. The Forest Farm is one of the eight types of farms you can select, and as the name suggests, it kicks off your journey on a farm filled with trees, allowing you to focus on foraging.

If you’re looking to take full advantage of this mechanic, here’s all you need to know about the Forest Farm in Stardew Valley.


Forest Farm layout in Stardew Valley

Forest Farm in Stardew Valley has the least amount of space available, with just 1413 tillable tiles for crops but offers you an impressive amount of area to build. However, the farming area isn’t spread far apart and has four small ponds, towards the center and right side, to fill up your water can.

The non-tillable areas are covered with grass, and you can walk as well as build on such spots. Additionally, there are two patches of four hardwood stumps that you can farm every day on the Western and Southwestern sides of the farm.

Foraging items in Forest Farm

Stardew Valley player standing next to a bush exclusive to the Forest Farm
This bush drops mixed seeds and is exclusive to the Forest Farm.

The Forest Farm will encourage your love for foraging and harvesting things in the wilderness. It also offers bushes that always drop mixed seeds when you cut them, being exclusive to this type of farm in Stardew Valley.

Apart from the hardwood stumps that regenerate every morning, you can also find forageables spawning across different areas on your farm, which is again an exclusive feature.

Here are all the things that you can find (25% chance of spawning) across the four seasons:

  • Spring: Dandelion, Leek, Morel, Wild Horseradish
  • Summer: Spice Berry, Common Mushroom, Grape, Sweet Pea
  • Fall: Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Red Mushroom
  • Winter: No spawns


With four ponds in the Forest Farm, you can try your luck in catching fish for a profit. You will have a 35% chance of catching a fish and a 65% chance of reeling in trash. It’s also worth noting that there’s a 5% chance of you catching the elusive Woodskip, that can help you in various recipes and completing the Community Center bundle.

Considering you will mostly end up catching trash, it’s worth setting up Crab Pots on the shores of the ponds to save yourself the trouble. However, remember to put bait inside the Crab Pots once you empty them the next day.

Forest Farm compared to other farms in Stardew Valley

Forest Farm layout with tillable and non tillable tiles
The Forest Farm is almost evenly split between tillable and non-tillable tiles.

We’ve listed the tillable and non-tillable number of tiles for every farm in the table below, including the Forest Farm:

Forest FarmTillable tiles: 1413
Non-tillable tiles: 1490
Standard FarmTillable tiles: 3427
Non-tillable tiles: 235
Riverland FarmTillable tiles: 1578
Non-tillable tiles: 516
Hill-top FarmTillable tiles: 1648
Non-tillable tiles: 930
Wilderness FarmTillable tiles: 2131
Non-tillable tiles: 444
Four Corners FarmTillable tiles: 2952
Meadowlands FarmTillable tiles: 2066
Beach FarmTillable tiles: 2700
Non-tillable tiles: 1928

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