Stardew Valley Maple tree: How to grow, identify in different seasons, uses, more

Nikhil Bahuguna
Stardew Valley player with maple tree farm for maple syrup generation

Maple and Oak trees look similar if you don’t know the slight differences between the two, so here’s everything you should know to grow a Maple tree in Stardew Valley, including how to identify it in the four seasons.

Most trees are affected by the change of seasons in Stardew Valley and adapt to shifts in climate with visual changes across Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Whether you’re looking to grow a Maple tree or simply want to know how they look like in each season, we’ve got you covered below.


How to grow a Maple tree in Stardew Valley

To grow a Maple tree in Stardew Valley, you need Maple seeds which can be collected in the following ways:

  • Chopping up a Maple tree,
  • Digging up the seeds around a Maple tree
  • Going through garbage cabs
  • Purchasing them from the Traveling Cart for 100 to 1,000 gold.

After getting the Maple seeds, plant them, making sure there are no trees at least eight blocks on each side. Additionally, the Maple tree will not grow during Winter, but you can force them to grow even during this season, by using Tree Fertilizer.

A Maple tree fully grows in 24 days in Stardew Valley, however, you can speed up this process by using Tree Fertilizer, cutting it short to just five days in-game.

It’s worth noting that Maple is a commonly found tree in Stardew Valley, so there’s no need to purchase its seeds. You will find plenty of Maple trees across the map. If you’re struggling to identify them, that’s a different story altogether, and you should know how these trees appear across the four seasons.

How does a Maple tree look in each season

  • In Spring, Maple trees have a lush green and rounded appearance
  • In Summer, the leaves look a bit faded and there are yellow seeds on every Maple tree
  • In Fall, Maple trees have a vibrant red appearance
  • In Winter, there are no leaves on any Maple tree, with their branches covered with snow
Maple tree in each season in front of game poster
Every tree looks a bit different in each season.

Difference between Maple & Oak trees in Stardew Valley

The key differences between a Maple and Oak tree in every season are that you can see the branches along with the leaves in a Maple tree. On the other hand, you can’t see any branches on an Oak tree.

During Summer, Maple trees have yellow seeds, while Oak trees don’t have any fruits or seeds on them. Additionally, Maple trees are red and Oak trees are yellow in Fall.

Oak trees in Stardew Valley across different seasons
Oak tree has a similar structure as compared to Maple tree in Stardew Valley.

Maple tree uses

Maple trees can be primarily used for producing Maple Syrup, which comes in handy for Community Center Bundles, various recipes, crafting, and a lot more. Keep in mind that in order to get Maple Syrup from a tree, you need to use a Tapper to tap the tree.

It takes 9 days in-game for Maple Syrup to be produced from a single tree.

That’s all you need to know about the Maple tree in Stardew Valley. For more content on the game, be sure to check the following guides:

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