Stardew Valley tapper recipe & uses

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Tapper in Stardew Valley

Tapper in Stardew Valley is a refining equipment that lets you collect a wide range of syrups from trees. Here’s how to craft the tapper in Stardew Valley and a rundown of its best uses in the game.

You can either sell syrups in Stardew Valley to make money or consume them to gain health and energy. However, to gain these advantages, a tapper or a heavy tapper is required. Both these items are refining equipment and fall under the same category as a lightning rod and a seed maker.

From how to get the crafting recipes to make it to a rundown of all the products you can get by using it, here’s everything to know about a tapper in Stardew Valley.

Trees and tapper in Stardew Valley
Growing a wide range of trees is a basic yet primary task in Stardew Valley.

How to get tapper & heavy tapper in Stardew Valley

In the table below, you’ll find the materials required to make the tapper and heavy tapper in Stardew Valley alongside how to get the respective crafting recipes.

ItemMaterials required to craftHow to get ingredientsWhere to get recipe How to get recipe
Tapper– 40x Wood
– 2x Copper Bar
– Chop down trees using an axe in the open world
– Get copper ore from mine floors 2-39 with a pickaxe and use a furnace to turn it into copper.
Level up your foraging skill to 4Gather wild resources
Heavy Tapper– 30x Hardwood
– 1x Radioactive Bar
– Chop down Mahogany Trees, Large Stumps, and Large Logs with a copper axe or better.
– Get Radioactive Ore after activating Shrine of Challenge on floor 120 of The Mines and smelt it.
Can be purchased from Qi’s Walnut Room for Qi gems. Walnut Room is located on Ginger island and you can open it after getting 100 Golden Walnuts.
Complete quests from Special Order Board to get Qi Gems.

How to use tapper in Stardew Valley

You can place a tapper on trees in Stardew Valley to get syrup. In the table below, you’ll find all the trees for which tapper works as a refining equipment and the products obtained:

TreeProduct obtained after using tapperPrice of product
Maple treeMaple syrup 200g
Oak treeOak resin150g
Pine treePine tar100g
Green Rain treeFiddlehead fern 90g
Mystic treeMystic syrup 1000g
Mushroom treeCommon mushroom40g
Mushroom treeRed mushroom75g
Mushroom treePurple mushroom250g
Mahogany treeSap2g

To remove a tapper from a tree in Stardew Valley, you can simply hit it once with an axe or pickaxe. If that tree is hit by lightning though, the tapper as well as its contents will be destroyed instantly so make sure to items like Lightning Rods.

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