How to get Fish Smoker in Stardew Valley

Emily Stander
Fish Smoker in Stardew Valley

The Fish Smoker is a new artisan machine in Stardew Valley that lets you smoke fish and sell them for a great price. But where can you get it, and which fish should you use in it? Here are all the answers you need. 

Stardew Valley artisan products are one of the best ways to make tons of money in the game, and the Fish Smoker is no exception to that. With the 1.6 update, players have a new way to use the fish they catch to rake in the cash. 

So, without further ado, here is where you can get the Fish Smoker, and what fish you should be using in it for maximum rewards. 

How to get the Fish Smoker in Stardew Valley 

The Fish Smoker recipe can be bought from Willy in Stardew Valley for 10,000 gold or for free if you start on the Riverland Farm

Willy's shop in Stardew Valley
You can get the Fish Smoker recipe from Willy.

Once you have the recipe, you can craft the Fish Smoker for 1 Cave Jelly, 1 Sea Jelly, 1 River Jelly, and 10 Hardwood. Jellies can be fished out of their respective areas like the Mining levels with ponds, the Ocean, and the River running through Pelican Town. 

Hardwood may take a little bit of time to get because you need at least a Copper axe to break down the smaller Hardwood stumps on your farm. A Steel axe will let you break the log to the Secret Woods, where you can get Hardwood every day by breaking the stumps inside. 

How to use the Fish Smoker in Stardew Valley

You need one coal and one fish to use the Fish Smoker in Stardew Valley. Then, after 50 in-game minutes, you will get a smoked fish. 

The quality of your fish will stay the same if you use it in the smoker, which means that if you put an Iridium quality fish in the smoker, you will get Iridium quality smoked fish. 

The great thing about the Fish Smoker is that the fish you sell benefits from the Artisan, Fisher, and Angler professions because it counts both as fish and artisan goods. As a result, you can quickly build up a very lucrative fish farm. 

Best Stardew Valley fish to use in Fish Smoker 

High-price and rarer Stardew Valley fish like Catfish, Sturgeon, and Super Cucumber are some of the best fish to use in the Fish Smoker

Mines in Stardew Valley
Find the Lava Eel on Level 100 of the Mines for a high-selling fish.

Catfish, Sturgeon, or Super Cucumber are relatively easy to get your hands on and make for fantastic options for the Fish Smoker as they’re already some of the highest-price fish in the game. Here is where you can find them:

  • Catfish: River in Spring and Fall, raining 
  • Sturgeon: Mountain Lake in Spring and Winter, any weather 
  • Super Cucumber: Summer and Fall between 6 PM and 2 AM, any weather. Also found in the Night Market submarine during Winter. 

If you want to go even higher, you could consider getting your hands on the Lava Eel. This is one of the most rare catches, but it rivals prices you would get for Legendary Fish. You can find it in the Mines on Level 100 during all seasons. 

And that’s everything you need to know about the Fish Smoker in Stardew Valley! If you want to read more content like this, you can check out our guides below.

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