New horror FPS Sker Ritual brings round-based CoD Zombies back to life

Joseph Pascoulis
sker ritual player shooting enemies

Sker Ritual is buzzing around the Call of Duty community, as the Zombies-inspired title is giving those hungry for the classic round-based Zombies experience exactly what they want.

Sker Ritual is a new CoD Zombies-inspired title from the developers at Wales International that’s currently going viral for its honest attempt at recreating the classic round-based experience.

The FPS game sees players taking on waves of “vicious horrors” in an attempt to survive rounds and complete tasks, sharing many similarities to Call of Duty Zombies’ experiences from the past.

Just like the classic Treyarch Zombies Call of Duty fans grew to know and love, Sker Ritual is round-based and includes similar elements such as Perks, Wonder Weapons, Easter eggs, and more. There’s even a version of the Mystery Box as well as Power Up drops like Insta Kill and Infinite Ammo.

In comparison to the classic Zombies experience, however, Sker Ritual’s gameplay is slightly more orientated toward completing objectives and surviving to get tasks done, similar to the Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard approach.

That said, the round-based element paired with features that CoD Zombies fans have come to know and love makes for a refreshing but nostalgic experience.

You can also just focus on making high rounds if you’re not all fussed about completing the objectives and Easter egg. Playing to reach high rounds is something that you can’t do in MW3 Zombies, as it’s time-based, so Sker Ritual certainly scratches that itch.

Is Sker Ritual on PS5 & Xbox Series X|S? Crossplay details

Sker Ritual is available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S for $19.99/£19.99, as well as Steam for PC. Currently, there is only crossplay between Xbox Series X|S and PC, not PlayStation 5.

This means that PS5 players will need to play with fellow PS5 users, while Xbox Series X|S players can join and play Sker Ritual with PC players on Steam.

How many can play Sker Ritual? Party size

You can have up to four players in a single lobby of Sker Ritual. You don’t have to play with four players, as you can go solo if you like, or take on waves of horrific enemies with just one or two other friends, it’s entirely up to you.

Dedicated Zombies player and content creator MrDalekJD has been enjoying Sker Ritual, praising its round-based format and inclusion of Easter eggs and boss fights. The Zombies expert genuinely believes the game “has legs” as long as the devs support it by providing new maps and content.

“It’s really made for CoD Zombies fans at heart,” said MrDalekJD, so if you can’t wait for CoD Zombies to bring back the round-based experience, which is rumored to return in Call of Duty 2024, then Sker Ritual is certainly something you should consider picking up.