CoD 2024 report claims new Black Ops could bring “weeks” early access for round-based Zombies

Luca Di Marzo
Black Ops Cold War Operators

While players are still getting to grips with MW3, a Windows Central report is claiming that CoD 2024 will provide a new chapter in the Black Ops series. The report also hints at the possibility of early access and round-based Zombies.

Modern Warfare 3 arrived on November 10, 2023, as the third installment of the rebooted Modern Warfare series. Given its early success, it’s never too soon to look forward to what’s coming next in the Call of Duty franchise.

It seems CoD 2024 could mark the switch to another classic CoD series as a Windows Central report claims that the iconic Black Ops series is set for a return. This isn’t exactly new information as news of CoD 2024 being a Black Ops title developed by Treyarch had already been circulating.

However, the report does provide some major new information by hinting at the potential of the longest early access period we’ve seen from a Call of Duty title, as well as the return of round-based Zombies.

The Windows Central exclusive suggests players can expect another Black Ops title, developed by Treyarch Studios. The report even mentions the context and narrative setup of the potential new Black Ops title: “Focused on the CIA, the next Black Ops is set in the Gulf War and will examine the United States’ role in the conflict.” 

Other major points of interest within the report include the potential return of round-based Zombies and the return of classic maps from previous Black Ops titles: “Game file leaks also point to round-based zombie modes returning.”

In addition, the report suggests that CoD 2024 could bring an early access period spanning “weeks.”

Early access to Call of Duty games have become the norm over the past few years for players who pre-order the titles. It seems that this strategy is something that Activision will look to expand upon when it comes to the release of CoD 2024’s Black Ops game.

“We’ve also heard that Activision is discussing a large pre-order early access bonus for Call of Duty Black Ops ‘6,’ with several days for the base game, and maybe even weeks for access to other modes.”

The report seems to suggest that CoD 2024 could feature early access to the entire base game, instead of just the campaign. While early access to the full base game would be a new feature, the weeks of access to specific modes like Zombies would be groundbreaking on its own.

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