Rockstar reportedly still working on Bully 2 despite GTA 6 announcement

Hamza Khalid
Jimmy in Rockstar's Bully

After Rockstar confirmed that GTA 6 is currently in development, fans have been hoping for news about a sequel to Bully, and one YouTuber claims that it is still being worked on.

Grand Theft Auto players have been eagerly awaiting more news on GTA 6 after Rockstar announced that the game is officially in development, with many wondering if the sequel is the devs’ main priority.

While some leaks suggested that a sequel to Bully was canned allegedly due to GTA 6, some new reports claim that Rockstar Games are still currently working on it, with an early build already developed.

Jimmy and Gary in Rockstar's Bully

Youtuber ‘Swegta’ discussed Bully getting a sequel in a livestream, claiming that a few sources have told him about a current build that already exists for a Bully 2 with a “smaller studio” assigned to it.

This demo includes aspects of the first game that had been modernized, with cliques being called “factions,” but he also brings up that this could’ve been scrapped by Rockstar due to behind-the-scene factors.

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Notable insider Tom Henderson previously claimed to have inside information about the Bully sequel, but the GTA 6 announcement caused some to assume that he may have just been trolling.

Tom responded to claims that GTA 6 will be Rockstar’s next focus point by bringing up that this was not mentioned in the announcement, before stating that there’s still “something going on with the Bully series.”

If these leaks are to be believed, then it’s possible that Rockstar could be working on both Bully 2 and GTA 6 simultaneously, or we might see the Bully sequel arrive shortly after the next Grand Theft Auto title.

It’s worth remembering this is all speculation from different sources so take this information with a grain of salt as there has been no confirmation from Rockstar themselves that a Bully sequel is currently in the works.

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games