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GTA players beg Rockstar to finally fix “cardboard” body armor

GTA Online players are calling for the developers to make some major changes to the game’s ‘cardboard’ body armor.



GTA online character lying on top of money

GTA Online players are frustrated with the state of body armor in the game, criticizing it for being like “cardboard” and are calling for the developers to make some major changes.

GTA Online features a plethora of different activities for you to try out. You can even battle other players with a wide selection of powerful weapons. However, your opponents can also use these guns to take you out.

One way of defending yourself is purchasing body armor to lessen the damage done to you by bullets. While this sounds ideal, players have complained that this item doesn’t offer much protection.

Body armor in GTA 5

Reddit user ‘codmike86’ made a post criticizing the body armor in the GTA Online subreddit. Their main complaint was that the item is “as tough as cardboard” when this game is almost a decade old.

“There’s no point in wearing body armor at all if it takes is 3 bullets,” wrote the Redditor. “Can’t even stack the light armor when purchasing it.” Many other players shared this sentiment in the comments.

“The thing that annoys me is that fall damage or getting hit by vehicles eats the armor bar because it makes no sense,” commented one frustrated user. “I only use it before gunfights now.”

Now, players are calling for Rockstar Games to make some major changes to the in-game body armor. They want the item to be able to endure more gunfire, making it worth the purchase.

Some users jokingly stated that the NPCs are more resistant against gunfire than body armor. “I want the nanolaminate energy-shielded binco shirts the NPCs all have that allow them to inhale 15-20 bullets to the chest,” one commenter sarcastically stated.

At the time of writing, Rockstar Games haven’t announced any upcoming changes to the body armor in GTA Online. So, players will need to take cover in order to avoid taking too much damage.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games