All Rise of the Ronin classes explained: Breaker, Killer, Unsharpened, more

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Rise of the Ronin Breaker in combat

Rise of the Ronin features multiple classes with different special abilities and recommended weapons to complete the story. If you’re unsure which one to choose for your Ronin, here are all the classes of Rise of the Ronin explained.

After much anticipation, the new RPG Rise of the Ronin is finally here. Players who have pre-ordered or purchased any of its editions can now jump into the game and become the next great Ronin.

The new open-world game from Team Ninja, set in Japan in the mid-19th century, allows you to create your character by choosing not only their appearance but also their class, which will determine more than just the title of your Ronin.

Here are all the classes in Rise of the Ronin explained

Rise of the Ronin: All classes explained

Rise of the Ronin players can choose from six different classes in the character creator. Each of these classes has characteristic attributes as well as a Special Skill that will help you in any combat situation.

Rise of the Ronin Class Selection Menu

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  • Killer: This class is focused on melee combat with large weapons like Katanas. Its main attributes are Strength, Health, and Intimidation. The Killers’ Special Skill (Repel Arrows/Bullets) allows you to not just parry any ranged attack but deflect them back at the enemy who fired them (if you can get the perfect timing)
  • Breaker: A dexterity-focused build that emphasizes Speedy Combat, Ranged Weapons, and Stealth. Its Special Skill is called “Rapid Assassinations” and allows you to kill two targets in a quick sequence from stealth.
  • Seducer: This class emphasizes wide attacks, stamina management and recovery, and the possibility to manipulate others. Its Special Skill is Speechcraft ‘Liar’ and allows you to use some exclusive dialogue interactions that are locked unless you have this skill. However, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll not always benefit from using these exclusive dialogues; you should consider the context.
  • Sapper: An intellect-focused build that emphasizes firearms, item management, elemental damage, and crafting. Its Special Skill is called “Refill Up,” and when using it, players will regain an extra medicine pill when resting at checkpoints.
  • Beginner: If you don’t like any of the previous classes, you can choose the Beginner class. While this class has lower attributes than the others and doesn’t have a Special Skill, Beginner offers great versatility and Skill Points that you can use to improve the attributes you deem necessary.
  • Unsharpened: Finally, the Unsharpened class is intended for players who enjoy more complex challenges. This class not only has worse attributes than Beginner but also lacks Skill Points, so you will have to complete the game with default Strength, Health, Stamina, and more attributes.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about Rise of the Ronin classes, their bonus attributes, and Special Skills.

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