Rise of the Ronin difficulty settings explained: All options & how to change

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Rise of the Ronin features multiple difficulty settings that can help increase or decrease the challenge depending on the player’s preference. So, here are all the Rise of the Ronin difficulty settings explained. 

Rise of the Ronin lets players explore a faithful recreation of 19th-century Japan, where you can explore the open world and make choices that affect your gameplay. You’ll also meet a variety of enemies and encounter challenging boss fights throughout your journey. However, players new to Team Ninja’s games might find the combat’s learning curve to be steep.

To tailor the experience as per your preference, here is everything you need to know about the difficulty settings in Rise of Ronin

What are Rise of the Ronin difficulty settings?

Rise of the Ronin has three difficulty settings that players can choose from; Dawn, Dusk, and Twilight. These settings respectively reflect easy, normal, and hard difficulty.

Here are all the difficulty settings explained in depth: 

Dawn difficulty explained

Dawn is Rise of the Ronin’s easy mode. If you’re in it for the story more than gameplay, then this is the setting that will likely be the right one for you.

This difficulty gives you access to additional settings, including the option to increase Health recovery from Medicine and reduce Ki loss from attacks. 

A battle in Rise of the Ronin
Difficulty settings allow you to tailor your experience.

Dusk difficulty explained

If you want a more balanced experience that focuses on the story and gives you some challenging gameplay, then Dusk is the setting for you.

While we aren’t sure what kind of Health and Ki advantages it brings, this setting allows you to play the game at a good pace with a bit of leeway for mistakes.

Twilight difficulty explained

The Rise of the Ronin Twilight setting is the hardest difficulty in the game, and it brings a serious challenge to those who want one.

This is the perfect setting for players who want something akin to a Souls-like experience and enjoyed prior Team Ninja games such as Nioh.

How to change difficulty in Rise of the Ronin

You can change Rise of the Ronin’s difficulty setting at any time in the game’s options menu. Not being locked into a difficulty means that you can give the hardest difficulty a shot from the get-go, but if you find it’s a little too much, you have the freedom to change it back whenever you’d like. 

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