Rise of the Ronin character creation explained

Emily Stander
A Samurai in Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin is the next Playstation exclusive that fans are looking forward to. Set in 19th century Japan, some fans have been calling it the spiritual successor to Ghost of Tsushima. Here is everything you need to know about Rise of the Ronin character creation.

Rise of the Ronin is an upcoming action role-playing game set in 19th century Japan and is releasing as a Playstation 5 exclusive on March 22. The game will follow the main character in an open-world Feudal Japan as they make a series of choices. 

Other than being open world and choice-driven, Team Ninja has promised an action-fueled experience that aims to please Nioh and Ghost of Tsushima fans. But will it have character creation? Here are all the answers you need. 

Can you create a character in Rise of the Ronin?

Yes, Rise of the Ronin players will be able to create and customize their own character. 

Devs have confirmed that the first task you get when you start up Rise of the Ronin is creating your character to look how you want them to.

Character creator in Nioh
Team Ninja is known for having character creation that players love.

According to the Rise of the Ronin website, you will be able to change details like:

  • Facial hair
  • Body physique
  • Hairstyle
  • Face structure
  • Voice
  • Scars

It’s likely that character customization will be as detailed, if not more, than previous titled by Team Ninja like Nioh and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The devs haven’t confirmed if players will be able to change their appearance after they have created their initial character, though.

In the FAQ section of the website, devs also confirmed that there will be more features than the ones listed that players will be able to customize. Once you have put the time in to make your character, they will appear in the first cutscene of the game in all their glory.

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