Palworld players stunned by “luckiest” first-time player’s impossibly rare catch

Souhardya Choudhury
Pals in Palworld

Palworld is filled with rare opportunities where players can get extremely lucky, and one of them did just that, earning the title of the luckiest person in the game from the fans.

Palworld‘s massive world presents you with a boatload of content, be it capturing new Pals or making the perfect base of operations for yourself. Although most of the objects in the game are craftable, some are dependent entirely on luck and probability.

For some players, getting the best loot at all times might not always be possible in the title, however, one of them has surpassed all expectations with their luck. Palworld players were astonished as one player experienced some of the rarest occurrences in the game.

YouTube user ‘Spinky’ posted a video of their first Palword playthrough as they captured a Lv 38 Mammorest, one of the strongest early game Pals with a 0.01% chance. The video was reposted on Reddit by ‘Unhappy_Panic_1875’ as they claimed the user to be the “luckiest Palworld player.”

It is safe to say that players were quite surprised as many consider it to be almost impossible to get a capture with a 0.01% chance. “Not only did you get a FLOWER Gumoss, but also a 0.1% to 3% chance of catching that Mammorest… bruh…” added one Palworld player.

One player sarcastically said: “I hate you so much” before admitting that they were “actually hilariously impressed.” Some players could not believe that the creator pulled that off, as they said: “Ohh that’s bulls**t!! I can have a 70% chance to catch and the Cheeky B*****ds still break out. I’ve never seen a chance that low succeed.”

Although there were some allegations of using “capture rate mod” to make the job easier, others were not happy with how their captures failed even with high chances. Some even went ahead and called it “fake” as they claimed it was too good to be true in Palworld.

Whether the feat was real or fake remains up for debate in the community, although it is evident that most players were quite impressed with how the original creator pulled off the capture even with such low chances in the first place.

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