Palworld player shares simple trick to complete Dungeons in only a minute

Souhardya Choudhury
Anubis as seen in PalworldPocketpair

The Dungeons in Palworld are pretty rewarding for many, and players have found a new exploit that helps them run through them faster than ever.

Palworld has taken the world by storm and surprised everyone, including AAA games with its success. With a massive player count, and Minecraft and Pokemon-inspired gameplay, the title has attracted a major portion of both communities.

As a survival game, collecting rare and powerful items is one of the most significant aspects of the title, since it’s necessary for making your character stronger. To take on powerful Pals or build a base, you need such items and farming Dungeons has proved to be quite rewarding in that case for many.

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Keeping this in mind, Reddit user ‘yashpwnz’ shared a simple trick that enables players to finish Dungeons “in a minute.”

“If you Mount your pal after Petting them while climbing a wall, it will let you finish dungeons in a minute,” claimed the OP as they showcased a video of themself doing just that. In the video, they glitched through the Dungeon map completely to reach the final room to collect all the rewards.

One player added to the OP’s suggestion as they claimed: “Alternatively, Ragnahawk flies low enough that you don’t have to dismount going between rooms,” suggesting that it would take even less time to complete Dungeons using Flying Pals in Palworld.

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Suggestions for the ideal Pal to run this exploit with kept coming as some players even suggested using Feng, instead of Ragnahawk, as it “can run through the whole dungeon in 20 seconds.”

As this is an exploit, it is quite possible that it might get patched in an upcoming update. However, Pocketpair are yet to address this issue explicitly, and players can still use this method in Palworld at the time of writing.

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