Palworld players claim no Battle Pass is key to record-breaking launch

Lucas Simons
Palworld has no battle pass

Palworld’s player count continues to skyrocket as more and more users discover what makes the game so fun. Some players claim that the absence of a Battle Pass is one of the reasons behind its success.

Many people are already enjoying their adventures raising Pals in Palworld, and the game sure does have plenty of that, with even Legendary Pals available for the players who are strong enough to take their challenge. Others enjoy the boss fights, while some players are busy raising their preferred Pals.

However, according to some players, it is not the engaging endgame content nor the breeding system that makes this game so great. Several Palworld fans have gathered to praise the game for its lack of micro transactions and for the absence of a Battle Pass.

This was posted by Reddit user ‘Chum_Bucket_Employee,’ who expressed: “No Battle Pass. No MTX. No Cosmetic shop. No paywalls. Just a fun game. PalWorld deserves every bit of praise and success.”

The OP then proceeded to explain how they believe micro-transactions tend to ruin games and how most of the players enjoying Palworld are already satisfied with the Early Access content. One of them expressed: “No need for ridiculous costumes, the game has enough shine already.”

Another Palworld player also stated: “This is what can happen when people make good games for the sake of making a good game. It turns out that they sell well!”

Meanwhile, some users praised the game’s custom dedicated server options: “And the way multilayer is handled, you can do p2p, dedicated or join a community server makes it super easy to get a group of friends, customizer the difficulty and have fun.”

So there you have it: Palworld seems to be here to stay. And while players enjoy their trip through the Palpagos Islands, they must be aware of some rare Pals that lay there for the taking.

One of them is a real game changer, so here’s how to get Lunaris in Palworld. And if you are looking to add a powerful attacker to your team, here’s how to find Bushi in Palword.

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