Palworld player discovers easy exploit to help get Legendary Schematics

Aryan Singh
Character riding a Melpaca in Palworld

Gathering Legendary Schematics in Palworld is tricky and time-consuming, but a player on Reddit has discovered an easy exploit that speeds up the process at the expense of your Pals.

The weird and adorable creatures who populate the Palpagos Islands play a massive role in Palworld. Pals are at the heart of everything you do in the game including crafting, base building, resource gathering, and more.

They’re also essential for combat as you need the best Pals on your side to take on Palworld’s boss encounters and inch closer towards the end game. These creatures even drop Legendary Schematics that you can use to get high-tier weapons and armor. But, Pals don’t exactly roll over and hand you the Schematics.

Instead, you’ll need to head to their spawn locations and hope the RNG gods are on your side to get a Legendary Schematic drop. The entire process can take multiple tries while also being dangerous as you’ll be facing Alpha boss enemies for a better chance at the drop.

Palworld player in front of Lyleen Noct Alpha Boss
Taking down Alpha bosses can earn you Legendary Schematics.

Fortunately, a player on Reddit has discovered an exploit that can help you avoid the whole ordeal. The method appears to be tried and tested although, it can be a bit grisly.

Palworld exploit gives players easy Legendary Schematics farm

The exploit emerged through a post by user ‘yashpwnz.’ Attached to it was a gameplay clip with the caption, “If you Mount your pal while Butchering them, you will get the loot and your pal survives as well.”

The clip displayed the player’s theory in action, as they spawned a Frostallion only to butcher it, and then pressed the mount button right before it fell to the ground. This resulted in the Frostallion surviving and all of its dropped items going into the player’s inventory.

They repeated the process multiple times to show off its success rate and users on the Palworld subreddit were impressed. The OP also provided a helpful pointer, “You should mount your Pal 2-3 seconds after your 2nd Butcher strike (just before it dies). Also, in case you butcher your pal early and your pal falls down the map, you can drop the pal and pick it up and reset the whole process”

Users in the comments section were quick to link the exploit to Schematic farming, and the OP couldn’t agree more, “Yep, this is the most efficient way to get all the legendary schematics.”

If you’re eager to try out this Palworld exploit, we recommend attempting it with some low-tier Pals first.

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