Palworld players beg devs for game-changing Pal Sphere feature

Stephanie Zucarelli
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Palworld has a plethora of creatures to capture, but players are tired of mixing up buttons and losing precious Pal Spheres when trying to do so. Here’s what the Palworld community wants Pocketpair to include in the next update.

Everybody on board the Palworld hype train knows how tricky it can get to catch Pals. To do so, players have to craft or gather Pal Spheres strong enough to successfully trap a weakened creature. While it might sound simple enough, users pointed out an issue that has majorly affected this mechanic.

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Palworld fans rallied on Reddit to talk about this issue, and most were surprised to find that this interface has affected players on all platforms. As described by Redditor ‘Rikashey,’ players are tired of throwing precious Pal Spheres by accident, only for them to disappear without a chance of getting them back.

“The first 10 hours of me playing Palworld largely consisted of me mixing up the button to throw out pals and throw Pal Balls,” described user ‘Dumeck,’ and others agreed that they’ve also frequently struggled with this mechanic.

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Some players admitted that they thought that Pal Spheres were designed to be easily lost so that after finishing a fight, they’d get to recover them. However, thinking this just led them to lose high-level Pal Spheres that are difficult to craft again.

“My personal favorite is throwing them and having them phase through a pal, completely missing, despite having the measured catch rate show up, and the ball flipping directly through the pal,” another user wrote,” said user ‘Hobbes_XXV,’ who described one of the many ongoing glitches in Pocketpair’s game.

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Most Palworld fans agreed that Pocketpair needed to address this issue in the next patch since they consider it to be a simple fix that would greatly improve the game’s QoL.

“Even if it were just 1 out of every 5 missed throws that returned, that would be better than every missed sphere disappearing,” said Redditor ‘vfoster,’ “Or at least give us some of the ingots and other materials back and make us recraft them!”

While the Palworld community keeps suggesting ways to fix this Pal Sphere issue, you can check which overlooked trick lets players repair all their items at once, and which are the best Fire Pals in Palworld.

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