How to fight in NHL 24: Inputs & how to win

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Starting a fight in NHL 24 can lead to a shift in momentum at a pivotal moment of a game. Here’s how to fight in NHL 24, along with the inputs and tips to win the contest.

NHL 24 has arrived, and players are jumping right into its various modes to discover all of the new features and mechanics added to this year’s edition of the hockey title. EA Sports finally introduced the highly-requested crossplay feature to NHL 24, giving players more opportunities to challenge their friends.

Things can get out of hand really quickly in NHL 24, as your opponents look to get pucks in deep and pile on the score. One way to halt your opponent’s momentum and seize it for yourself is to start a fight in NHL 24. Here’s how to start and win a fight in NHL 24.

NHL 24: How to start a fight

To start a fight in NHL 24, double-tap the Triangle button (for PlayStation) or the Y button (for Xbox).

However, timing is key, as this action is best executed before the puck is dropped during a face-off or immediately following a whistle that halts gameplay. NHL 24 offers multiple avenues to get a fight going.

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There are pros and cons to starting a fight in NHL 24.

Aside from the two windows of opportunity mentioned above, particularly rough plays can also lead to fights. For example, if you land a huge hit on an opposing player, you may find yourself in the crosshairs of his teammates, who seek retribution. At this point, simply tap the Triangle or Y button when approached to start a fight in NHL 24.

Starting a fight in NHL 24 demands precise timing, but if you seize the right opportunities, you can shift the momentum in your team’s favor.

NHL 24: How to win a fight

You’ll want to use the right analog stick to throw punches and win a fight in NHL 24. While landing big blows will lead to a big win, there are two more techniques you should know about.

You can get a better hold of the shifting opponent by hitting the L2 (PlayStation) or LT (Xbox) button. In addition, you can also dodge incoming punches by hitting the R2 (PlayStation) or RT (Xbox) button.

To maximize your chances of winning a fight in NHL 24, you’ll want to use strong players with solid stature and excellent strength stats. The most important stat to look for is the Fighting Skill, which indicates the player’s proficiency at fighting in NHL 24.

Here are some of the players in NHL 24 with the best Fighting Skill stat:

  • Ryan Reaves – Toronto Maple Leafs – 94 FS
  • Nicolas Deslauriers – Philadelphia Flyers – 92 FS
  • Milan Lucic – Boston Bruins – 90 FS
  • Tanner Jeannot – Tampa Bay Lightning – 88 FS
  • Nikita Zadorov – Calgary Flames – 87 FS

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