How to celebrate in NHL 24: Inputs and how to change moves

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Vancouver Canucks' player celebrating NHL 24

Few things are as satisfying in sports games like NHL 24 as celebrating a goal right in your opponent’s face. Here are all the steps you need to follow to celebrate in NHL 24.

One of the key features in sports games is the ability to celebrate with a dance or characteristic move after scoring a goal, and NHL 24 is no exception to the rule.

However, unlike other sports games like EA FC 24 or Madden 24, where you can perform different celebrations by combining commands with your controller, in NHL 24 it’s not very difficult to do so.

Here are the easy steps you need to follow to celebrate in NHL 24 after scoring a goal.

How to celebrate after scoring in NHL 24

In order to celebrate after scoring in NHL 24 you must press any action buttons on your controller (X, Circle, Square, or Triangle on PlayStation; and A, B, X, or Y on Xbox).

On the other hand, if you don’t press any buttons after scoring a goal, the player will automatically perform a random celebration.

NHL 24 early access
You can edit your player’s celebrations on NHL 24 Creation Zone.

How to change your player celebrations

In NHL 24, there are a total of 75 celebrations that you can choose for your player, and you can select them from the ‘Celebration’ tab in the NHL 24 Creation Zone. There, you can also customize your player’s number and appearance.

Each player has four default celebrations in NHL 24, so pressing any of the four action buttons on your controller will automatically make them perform the corresponding celebration.

Unlike other EA Sports games, NHL 24 doesn’t offer a wide variety of celebrations, so the developers have not yet added a celebration function similar to EA FC 24 where all players can celebrate following button combinations.

That could be a new feature that EA Sports add in future editions of the NHL franchise. For now, you’ll have to continue celebrating by pressing a single button.

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