NHL 24: All new gameplay features & changes explained

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Cale Makar in NHL 24

EA Sports have included tons of new features in their latest NHL game, so here’s everything you need to know about all the new NHL 24 gameplay features including the changes made to mechanics, the new physics system, and many more.

NHL fans can finally celebrate the release of NHL 24, the latest entry in the franchise. EA Sports have continued to work diligently after the official releases of EA FC 24 as well as Madden 24, making sure that NHL 24 didn’t face any delays.

With EA Sports already hyping up plenty of essential details like the cover athlete and content bonuses for both game editions, players are wondering about new features that have been added to the game or whether it is on Xbox Game Pass. So, here’s a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about the new gameplay features and changes in NHL 24.

Florida Panthers Matthew Tkachuk in NHL 24
Matthew Tkachuk is expected to be one of the highest-rated players in NHL 24.

All new NHL 24 features and changes

Among the many new features and gameplay changes in NHL 24, some stand out, including a new Goalie Instinct system, overhauled physics-based technology, and an Exhaust Engine.

Check out a breakdown of every new feature in NHL 24 below.

New Exhaust Engine in NHL 24

The new Exhaust Engine feature in NHL 24 is divided into two aspects – the Sustained Pressure system and the Goalie Fatigue system.

With the new Sustained Pressure system, the attackers receive a temporary boost on their stats while making plays near the opposing goal. For every shot, successful pass, or key play, the attacking team receives a new boost, while the defending team is negatively affected, causing their stats and stamina to decrease during the same period until the danger is gone or the opponents score.

Meanwhile, with the new Goalie Fatigue system, it is expected that defending goalkeepers fatigue more quickly after a sequence of successful interventions. This makes it easier for attackers to score in second or third opportunities.

Crossplay is coming to NHL 24

Crossplay is an important part of NHL 24, as it allows players to compete with or against other players on the same generation of consoles in Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) and World of Chel (WOC) modes.

This means that PS5 players and Xbox Series X|S players can play against each other while PS4 and Xbox One players can play against each other. Finally, players cannot play cross-generationally, for example, a PS5 player and a PS4 player cannot play with or against one another.

Furthermore, the devs announced that they improved the matchmaking and shortened wait times of these game modes.

Revamped NHL 24 physics-based technology

The physics system in NHL 24 has undergone a significant overhaul, resulting in more realistic movements and collision animations on the ice.

Defender send the attacker to the bench after a collision in NHL 24.
The revamped NHL 24 physics-based technology has arrived with plenty of new animations.

If an attacker receives a strong hit and loses the puck possession, it takes time for them to recover and get back into the play, creating more opportunities for effective counter-attacks. But, in a similar situation, if the defender misses the hit, it is the defending team that “loses” a player until they reposition themselves.

New vision passing feature in NHL 24

The new Vision Passing feature in NHL 24 brings the possibility of making direct passes to any of your teammates to your fingertips. This way, players can execute a sequence of quick direct passes that not only works with the Sustained Pressure system but also positions them in front of the goal for a quick score.

This mechanic is widely used when the team has a numerical advantage in a counter-attack.

Improved NHL 24 goalie features

The new Tethered Control and revamped Instinct systems have improved goalies’ performances in NHL 24 as they now automatically position themselves in the center of the goal after an intervention, and they are able to block more shots through the new Instinct system.

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