How to attack in EA FC 24: Tips & tricks

Aryan Singh
Diogo Jota in EA FC 24

EA FC 24 can get pretty competitive, especially if you’re looking to venture into Division Rivals and Champions. To maintain a positive win ratio and earn better rewards, you need to ensure that your attacks are lethal and effective. With this in mind, here are the best tips to improve your attacking in EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 features many game modes but at the heart of the experience is Ultimate Team. The mode lets players assemble their own squads and compete online to earn incredible rewards.

To keep things fresh, the mode regularly receives new SBCs and promos, all offering some top-tier cards to collect. But while having quality players is important, you need to sort out your attacking fundamentals to go on winning streaks.

If you’re struggling to break down opposition defenses, we’ve picked out some excellent tips to help you gain the edge. So here are the best tips to improve your attacking in EA FC 24.

Enzo Fernandez in EA FC 24
Improving attacking is an important step towards climbing divisions in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

Best tips to improve attacking in EA FC 24

Our tips to improve attacking in EA FC 24 will help you beat opposition players and bypass defenses. We also recommend mastering finishing to increase your goal-scoring prowess.

Here are the best tips to improve attacking in EA FC 24:

Use Controlled Sprint

Controlled Sprint has emerged as one of the most effective new mechanics in EA FC 24. Using Controlled Sprint sees your player run at a slightly reduced speed allowing them to have better control over the ball. Flicking the left stick to execute quick turns while using Controlled Sprint is a great way to beat defenders.

Make sure to bait your opponent by running in a different direction before holding down Controlled Sprint and turning.

Finesse Shots

Son shooting in EA FC 24
Players like Son Heung-Man can make the most out of Finesse Shots in EA FC 24.

Finesse Shots have been the go-to for many players across multiple FIFA games, and that extends to EA FC 24 as well. These curled strikes are actually a bit easier to execute in EA Sports’ latest title, especially if you have players with the Finesse Shot+ PlayStyle. To do a Finesse Shot, simply hold down R1 or RB while shooting.

Finesse Shots are most effective when you’re on the edge of the box, Remember to turn at a 45° angle and face the side of the goal you want the ball to curl into. It’s also important to make sure that your player is using their strong foot.

Passing combinations

Creating passing combinations in EA FC 24 isn’t exactly difficult, but things can get tricky if the opposition is pressing very high or using the overpowered 71-depth mechanic. To create better passing combinations, you can utilize the Pass and Go mechanic by holding L1 or LB while passing. This will prompt the initial passer to make a forward run and open up a through-ball opportunity.

You can also use Pass and Go to create third-man options. After triggering the run, hold off on the through ball and pass the ball to a different player. This will give the runner more time to get into a lethal position.

Brush up on easy skill moves

Skill moves in EA FC 24 can seem daunting at first due to some complicated button prompts. But some skill moves are fairly easy to execute while being just as effective. It’ll require practice and learning the timing to master them, but they’re certainly worth the effort.

Here are some examples:

  • Ball Roll: Hold RS right/left
  • Fake Shot: Circle+X+RS right/left or B+A+RS right/left
  • Roulette: Move RS clockwise from bottom to right/ anti-clockwise from bottom to left
  • Flair Nutmeg: Hold L1+R1 then flick RS for direction or Hold LB+RB then flick RS for direction


Cutbacks or low crosses are one of the easiest methods to score goals in EA FC 24. To execute a cutback, attack the opposition’s flanks and get to the edge of the box. Once there, head towards the byline and tap Square twice or X twice while pointing the RS towards the center of the box. This will usually result in a cross heading towards a free man in the center.

Those were our picks for the best attacking tips in EA FC 24. For more on the game, check out our other guides:

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