New Rockstar games to be announced at E3?

Andrew Highton
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Potential information about new Rockstar games could be announced at E3 2021’s Digital Event after it was confirmed that their parent company Take-Two Interactive would be attending.

It’s fair to say that Grand Theft Auto 6 might just be the biggest game in the world that doesn’t exist. Millions of fans are desperate for a game that technically might not exist, and may never exist. It’s unlikely, but Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive’s stance on the future is pretty much mute.

Take-Two Interactive recently addressed the status of GTA 6, and it left fans feeling confused and unsure of what the future may hold. However, it’s been confirmed that Take-Two will be attending E3 2021, and now speculation is running wild about GTA 6 and potentially other games.

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It’s no secret that Rockstar’s video game output has slowed drastically in the last few years, with a larger emphasis being placed on GTA 5, GTA Online, and Red Dead Redemption 2.

But it’s rare to have a conversation concerning Rockstar Games without GTA 6 inevitably cropping up. Renowned Twitter user Trevor “TmarTn” Martin confirmed on the social media website that Take-Two would be attending the industry’s biggest games convention.

There’s a high likelihood that they are there to make appearances and to possibly announce a reveal date for GTA 5 Enhanced and Expanded.

Though it’s there to speculate that a surprise reveal could take place to get fans of Rockstar and their various franchises excited.

Rumors have been rife for months about the existence of GTA 6 with mystery pages on Rockstar’s website appearing and employee leaks. This is sadly speculation, but there could be more content in the works with a rumored GTA Remaster Trilogy in the works too.

You can’t help but wonder if Rockstar is even about to resurrect one of their other storied names for a sequel: Bully, L.A Noire, or even a fourth Mafia game.

In any event, it’s made the prospect of E3 2021 even more exciting, and we’ll have to wait and see what Take-Two has in store for us.

Image credits: Rockstar Games / E3