Men of War 2 single-player explained: How to play, Story Mode, Raids, more

Emily Stander
Tank battle in Men of War 2

Men of War 2 is the long-awaited next addition to the Men of War series, and the RTS delivers challenging battles set in World War 2. Here is everything you need to know about the single-player modes. 

Men of War 2 puts you right into the thick of World War 2 strategy, with a mountain of single-player content alongside its multiplayer modes

So, here is everything you need to know about every single-player mode in Men of War 2, including how to play them and what they offer. 

How to play single-player in Men of War 2

You can play the single-player modes in Men of War 2 by selecting the ‘Campaign’ tab in the menu and selecting the mode you want to play. 

Each single-player mode offers rewards for multiplayer and skirmish that you can get from completing them and the challenges attached to each mission. All of the single-player modes can also be played in co-op with your friends.

At this stage, you do need an internet connection to play single-player in Men of War 2. There are four modes to choose from, and they all offer a different experience. 

Story Mode in Men of War 2 explained

The Story Mode in Men of War 2 has three narrated campaigns you can play, and they all have their own set of sequences to play through. 

Each of the three campaigns offer a story from the perspective of each faction: 

  • Thwarted Blitzkrieg: Slow down the German tank forces and mitigate Blitzkrieg as USSR forces. 
  • The Falaise Pocket: Eliminate the German forces west of Seine and take Paris as USA forces. 
  • On Their Own Soil: Play as German forces who need to retreat. 
Story Mode in Men of War 2
Each campaign in Story Mode has a set of sequences to play out.

Story Modes are scripted, and the missions can be quite challenging. The only units you’ll have access to are the ones relevant to the given mission you’re going through, and you’ll only be able to spawn a certain number of them to get through the mission. 

Story missions also have very specific tasks that you have to carry out. These will usually appear in the top left corner of your screen, and you can track where you need to go by following the red arrows on the map.  

Historical Mode in Men of War 2 explained

The Historical Mode in Men of War 2 has three large-scale operations to play that are based on actual events that took place in World War 2:

  • Operation Bagration: Based on the events of the Belarusian Offensive Operation in 1944. 
  • Operation Overlord: Based on the events of the Normandy Offense Operation in 1944. 
  • Bonus Missions: Once-off missions. 

Historical Mode also lets you use the Technology branch, but only for units that were actually used in these operations. 

Each operation in Historical mode also has a branch of sequences that you go through as the story progresses. 

Conquest Mode in Men of War 2 explained

Conquest Mode in Men of War 2 lets you control multiple regiments on a dynamic map to fight for control against an AI over various territories.

There are four campaigns where you take control of a faction:

  • Eastern Front, USSR
  • Eastern Front, Germany
  • Western Front, USA
  • Western Front, Germany
Conquest Mode in Men of War 2
Conquest Mode lets you create your own armies to gain territory.

Conquest Mode lets you go in turns, where you attack on your turn and have to defend your territory against the enemy in the next. If you have no Battalions at a given territory, that territory is immediately forfeited without a fight.

You can also research new units in the Technology branch, but unlike Historical Mode, you also get access to experimental units that weren’t actually used in the war.

Your objective will be to capture as much territory as you can in a limited time. Once you have captured your territory, you will be able to attack the next enemy territory and try to capture it. 

Raid Mode in Men of War 2 explained

Raid Mode in Men of War 2 are a series of 16 generated missions that have new maps, skirmishes, and objectives every time you start a new playthrough. 

There are four missions to choose from where you play as one of the three factions:

  • Western Front, USA
  • Eastern Front, Germany
  • Eastern Front, USSR
  • Western Front, Germany 

When you start each campaign, you will have a set number of sequences to complete – just like in Story and Historical Mode. However, if you restart the campaign, you will get a brand new sequence to play through. 

That’s everything to know about Men of War 2 single-player modes! If you want to know more about games coming out this year, be sure to check out our guides below.

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